Starter 1: Program Outline

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The UpstartLiftoff program is designed to build an internet presences, a framework to integrate your website with social media, with blogs, with various page types, and with many external links, all designed to bring visitors and customers to your internet door.

This video will review the marketing (functional) plan that you learned during the sales process. Then we discuss a launch process that will be designed to bring many new visitors to your doors when you are ready to reveal your website to the internet world.

This video is a review, so if you are familiar with the plan and a launch sequence, go ahead and skip to lesson 2. However, do not skip lessons 2 through 7, which build the foundation of a successful internet business.

Starter 1: Program Outline  covers the following topics:

  1. Welcome and What is the Liftoff
  2. Review the Marketing Plan
  3. Outline the Steps of a Launch

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