Starter 7: Content then Design

This entry is part 7 of 10 in the series 1) Starter 10-Website Planning

There is a strong tendency to rush to the design when we are building a website. We want to get it looking just right and then we want to begin adding content. However, if you have followed the organizational steps, you now have the keywords and the categories ready. You will know exactly what articles to write. And you will be answering questions that your users want answered.

Remember, content first. Do your keyword research. Create your broad categories. Let the language of the people tell you want to include. Then write all the content and enter the content before you actually even worry about what the site will look like. It is much easier to see how things look if you have content to flow to the correct areas.

Now that you have the keywords, let’s start writing. This video will help you decide which articles to start with and what to do next.


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