Starter 10: Create the Article Using Keyword Focus

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As you create an article, you will begin to use all of the meta information that you have been developing in the Upstart Liftoff training. Learn how to use keywords in your meta data–your title, your description, your excerpt. You will also learn a little about using tags and how they are different from keywords.

Making sure that each one of your article posts in WordPress emphasizes one particular keyword and includes other keywords will help your website to become indexed with the major search engines. Of course, this is just the foundation of a good internet  presence that we are building, but it is just that, foundational. If you don’t spend the time on each article to focus on one piece of your foundation, it won’t have the strength or focus.

Remember to review our Upstart Liftoff Training 4: Selecting Keywords training on the importance of keyword selection and keyword precision.

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