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Trust is Most Important in Using Social Media to Increase Traffic and Build Customer Relations

Social Media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many other social media providers has actually only developed over the past five years. But they have grown exponentially. Social media has the potential to build traffic faster and more securely than anything else so far. The reason is simple. We build social relationships, not because of some mathematical formula, but because of our ability to share our ideas with our friends.

Because of Trust.

We share what we like with those whom we like. Therefore, social media gives us unprecedented ways to build a relationship with our customer that he or she will be willing to share with others.

Social Media is a “targeted” social list.

This teleseminar will talk about

  • How social media sites index and produce results more quickly
  • How to automate your social media “conversation”
  • How Facebook and other social media sites potentially create viral communication
  • How to use a personal system to build your social media updates for the week so spend minutes instead of hours to update various social media websites
  • 15 tips to using social media website
  • How to “meet the needs” of your users
  • How to track your reputation

The webinar will demonstrate how to integrate your updates from website to Facebook and other Social Media.

  • Discuss using a slider plugin that is included in your website.
  • Demonstration scripts that change a Facebook Landing Tab if users have clicked “Like”
  • Set up WordBooker plugin to automatically put blog articles on Facebook
  • Install a Facebook “Badge” on Website to increase “Likes”

Here are some other topics

  • How to Make my own video website
  • photo and video sharing website
  • video watching website
  • adding video to my website
  • video website host
  • showing video on a website
  • embedded website video players

Listen to the audio of Teleseminar 8:

Click to Play Teleseminar: [audio:]

Resources in this Video

Animoto-Videos online

Social Media Websites Discussed in the teleseminar or webinar

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • HubPages (subscription service)
  • Squido0 Lenses

Websites to Help You Manage and Automate Social Media

  • Social (automate Twitter “tweets”. Free and Pro accounts available.)

Watch this Video Below

[flowplayer src=’′ width=800 height=600]

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