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There are a variety of membership models

Even a small membership website can produce regular income. Many people shy away from membership models because they fear it may take too much time and will require you to build continuous content. The best membership models create their own content or aggregate experts who need the close association of similarly focused people.

On the other hand, some membership models are designed to be short lived. This has been termed “micro-continuity.”

Any model the creates a subscription and multiple payments for a period of time requires similar “membership” software, so we cover these in the teleseminar.

This teleseminar will discuss 10 membership models

  • Publication. This model provides ongoing content, either produced internally or externally. News and magazines as well as companies such as provide this type of model. In this model, the member has access to all of the back issue as soon as he becomes a member. If you can provide continuous information or service, this model requires a simple membership with a recurring payment.
  • Package. This model provides individual, self-contained packages of material each month (or time period). Each package is different, so although payment continues each month, the user has access only to the months for which he has paid.  I have seen software, music, and various other content delivered this way.
  • Micro-Continuity. This model creates a series of training modules that continue for a definite period, maybe 4-6 modules. Thus, the member knows that the payments will end at a particular time. Most individuals can produce a package of their own skills that could be turned into a micro-continuity program.
  • Modular Instruction. This model may be for a definite time or for a continuous time. Each package moves you from one step to the next, such as in a system that requires testing. When you have passed certain requirements, you are sent or you receive access to the next module.
  • Protected Download Area. In this model, individuals have access to download any new files that are loaded. Websites such as iStockPhoto would be an example. This means that you pay a subscription to download files. With the correct software, you can limit users to the number of downloads in a particular time period.
  • Project Management. Groups may need to share some information but work privately in other areas. So, this model allows a group to be separated, but individual users receive specific area restrictions.
  • Community Center. This can be a very powerful system. This may allow all members to interact and to provide information. This provides a private communication center where “gurus” or elite members may be able to ask and answer questions, provide high-value instruction to each other. This may be paid or not paid. Open Source projects use this model. But paid investor clubs also use this model. One is free; the other is high fees.
  • Software Service Access. If you develop an online software, you can provide access to the software behind a membership. This may or may not come with group communication.
  • Coaching Site. This model provides a unique portal specifically for a coach and a client to work together. No information is shared among separate clients.
  • Combo. You can mix and match features from each of the different models.

The webinar will discuss four different memberships software solutions ranging from the simple to complex

Wishlist Member WordPress plugin

  • Strengths
    • Solid, tested programming
    • VersatilePrice (one-time fee)
    • All training included, with additional inexpensive, advanced training and plugin program
  • Weaknesses
    • Sometimes complex to use
    • Sometimes difficult to integrate
  • Bottom Line – This software will run a very solid membership program. Well established. Most membership sites could be just fine using this program.

Member Wing X WordPress plugin

  • Strengths
    • Very versatile
    • Includes affiliate program
    • Integrated payment systems much better
    • Secure digital downloads
  • Weaknesses
    • Price is higher; recurring annual fee; must pay for training
  • Bottom Line – This software will handle quite complex membership systems; does not require extra registration, login steps.

Kajabi-Marketing and Membership Portal

  • Strengths
    • This is only a year old, but the marketers and developer are some of the most respected in the industry
    • Hosted on high-speed networks, so you don’t host; they do
    • Some of best marketers have reported extremely successful results
    • Designs are very easy to use and be profitable; built for profit
  • Weaknesses
    • Pretty Expensive monthly fees
    • Design is limited to marketing designs
  • Bottom Line – This system was built to make sales. Period. Many affiliate marketers recognize the system and are willing to promote you because of the proven system.

Premium Web Cart

  • Strengths
    • Fully self-integrated system includes shopping cart, digital downloads, membership content, and DVD fulfillment
    • Affiliate system built in
    • Replicated sites
    • Very extensive feature list
  • Weaknesses
    • I haven’t used this so I don’t have experience on this
    • May be required to use their email system
  • Bottom Line – Although I have not personally used this system, the feature set is much richer than most competitive sites and the price is better or competitive.

Some Important Features to Consider for your membership software

  • Multiple membership levels
  • Auto Incrementing
  • Delayed Content
  • Gradual Content
  • Secure Digital Downloads
  • Affiliate ProgramSupport for AutoResponder
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Payment System Integration
  • Variable pricing per product
  • Trial Periods

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