First of all, I want to give thanks where thanks are due.

I wish to acknowledge and thank my Heavenly Father for the talents and abilities He has given me. I thank Him for providing me with the means and ability to create good with those talents to help others learn and grow.

I acknowledge the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ in the creation and production of UpstartMediaMarketing and the UpstartLiftOff training program, without whose help I could never have completed such a monumental task.

Next, I want to acknowledge the countless hours of work, advice, critique, and help that my wife has given me from beginning to end of this project, UpstartLiftOff.  I thank God for her keen talent in business and internet copy writing, without which I could not have completed this project.

And I thank her for having been by my side all kinds of odd hours of day and night, supporting me, bringing me water when I am dehydrated, feeding me, and taking care of the details of home and family while I was so busy completing this project.  I could not have done it without her support.

Finally, I want to thank my wonderful children for their patience, while Daddy has been so busy, and still always making me so happy and proud of their outstanding accomplishments in school, church, Young Women’s and in Scouts.

I want to thank my mom for her patience, and kind words, always praying for me and looking forward to my success in this project.

I also want to thank my family, especially my brother Carter, for his good legal advice, legal work, and moral incentive, during these past difficult months as my wife and I have worked to launch UpstartLiftOff.

I acknowldge and thank, my clients and friends who have participated in the beta testing of this project, and those who have given their valuable testimonial to help my business grow.

To all of you, my best wishes, and my endless gratitude.  We want to see your success, and we will do all we can to provide you with the tools for that success.

And to our Heavenly Father, I dedicate this project and consecrate its success to his honor.

Aaron Mackley