When your mobile visitors come to your website, would you rather that  they see:

 Website not optimized for mobile  OR   Mobile-optimized Website

UpstartMediaMarketing delivers cost effective, great-looking mobile websites and QR codes that will quite simply bring you more business. We provide solutions from a Basic Company Info package to a powerful Business Lead-Generating strategy. Even if all you do is create a basic company info package, you will gain that advantage over your competitors. However, building a mobile strategy can turn a simple website into a lead generating sales funnel. 

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Our Basic Company Info package is designed and priced so that anyone can eliminate the most important barrier. Google says that if your mobile website is hard to read (or if it just looks like a compressed regular website), 61% of your audience will leave. 40% will go to a competitor.


This package is designed with the vital information that any business should have.

  1. Basic information about who you are.
  2. A way to find you
  3. A way to contact you
Maintain Your Brand
  • Logo (We will use your logo.)
  • Custom Colors (We will match the colors of your main website.)
Standard Company Info includes
  • About page
  • Services Page (May include an accordian-style page where users can open just the parts that they want to see.)
  • Location (This includes your address and contact information, but it also includes a dynamic Google maps function with geo code. Smart phones will be able to use this guide them to your door.)
  • Tap-To-Call button (This is important so your customers can call you immediately.)
Auto Redirection
  • We will work with your existing website hosting company to make sure that your website will automatically redirect to your mobile website if the visitor is using a mobile device.

Basic Company Info

Mobile Website Package

$99 Setup Fee 

$9.95 per month

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[/tab] [tab title=”Business Standard”]

The Business Standard package is designed for a majority of our businesses. Any serious business will be able to provide valuable visual content in a mobile format that will encourage visitors to explore your business. 

This mobile website will set you apart from those simply giving contact information. We also add additional vCard information in all of these mobile websites that distinguishes you as a business to Google. Google rewards this extra SEO attention by ranking them higher in search results. 


Maintain Your Brand

  • Includes all features of the Basic Company Info package
  • Also includes important vCard information (vCard is specific company address code information that helps Google index your company more effectively. Google rewards this extra SEO attention because it sets you apart as a legitimate business.)

Promoting Your Business

  • Includes the Basic Company Info methods of contact
  • Direct contact company form (This will allow the visitor to submit a question, including name and email address.)
  • Embed Youtube videos 
  • Photo Galleries
  • Blogs
  • 1 Custom-generated QR Code (QR codes can be included on any printed flyer or ad. Individuals with smart phones can scan the code and be taken directly to your website or even a special coupon or sales page. )
  • Clickable Promo. (Certain images can be made to be clickable to go to sales pages.)

UpstartMediaMarketing will help you design a complete strategy to coordinate and integrate your mobile, web, and print marketing strategies.

Business Standard

Mobile Website Package

$499 Setup Fee 

$24.95 per month

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[/tab] [tab title=”Business Premium”]The Business Premium package is specifically designed for businesses who have continuous and repeat customers (restaurants, car washes, car lubes, etc.) or if you have large items to sell (houses, automobiles, furniture). 

Companies with repeat business need to continually update coupons to send out to their customers via SMS or email. 

Companies with large-item inventory need to have QR codes going directly to separate information pages.

The Business Premium package allows you the flexibility to modify your coupons, QR codes, and other customer-driven interaction.


  • Includes all features from the Business Standard package
  • Hosted on separate high-speed server mobile-optimized platform

Promoting Unique Products and Services

  • Individual control panel to manage functions below:
  • Coupon Manager (set expiration dates for multiple coupons)
  • Menus and Lists (designed for restaurant menus to show food, but can be adapted to anything where a picture and description of services is helpful)
  • Self-generate QR codes (The Business Standard package includes one QR code that be directed to your website or a single mobile landing page. With this, you can generate as many QR codes as necessary. )
  • Lead forms  (Lead forms can allow you to collect customer information and route it automatically to an automatic email follow-up sequence*.)
  • SMS messaging to all of your contact* (The open rate for SMS (text messages) is above 90%. The open rate for email is typically below 20%. Plus SMS messaging is immediate and timely because it goes to your customer where he is, not on a computer in his home or office. Using SMS and email together is even more effective.)

*may require an account with a 3rd party vendor or service and may also require additional fees

Use your mobile website to actively interact with your customers, bring in return visits when you want or need the cash flow. The Business Premium package is for an active business who know the value of regular contact using a non-intrusive and positive method. 

Business Premium

Mobile Website Package

$899 Setup Fee 

$79.95 per month

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[/tab] [tab title=”Business Lead Generator Gold”]The Business Lead Generator package adds an immensely powerful lead generating website designed specifically for your business. This lead generating website will not replace your original website; it will work with your primary website and with your mobile website. It will be designed in the same colors and style as your primary and mobile websites. In essence, you will have your primary website, a powerful lead generating website, plus a mobile website all actively working together.

Sample lead generating website and mobile website



  • Everything is designed on this website to capture leads. 
  • Customer testimonials
  • Faqs in the image
  • Video or Call to action in the header
  • Several call to action locations on the page
  • About page compressed on front
  • hCard Details available to customer
  • Google maps can be place on front
  • Content revisions to automatically update so Google re-indexes
  • Everything is designed on this website to be “above the fold” (no scrolling)
  • Automatically mobile-ready
  • Completely customizable
  • 20-professionally written, 100% unique-to-your-business, seo-optimized, localized articles! (We actually interview you about your products or services and record your words and information. Then our professional writers take that recording and write 20 articles about your business, using your words, and your information. These are NOT articles taken from somewhere else on the internet. We do this to generate unique SEO content that Google loves. This is the first step to boost search engine ratings. Each article is optimized and localized to your business. Then all of the articles are linked together like a net to gather leads. Finally, we include a call to action in each article. Every page is designed to generate leads. )

The Business Lead Generator package can be installed stand-alone or as part of the other packages. 

Stand Alone

Lead Generator Gold

includes Lead Website and Basic Mobile Website

$999 Setup Fee 

$49.95 per month

Lead Generator Gold

Mobile Website Package

includes Lead Website & Business Premium package

$1795 Setup Fee 

$99.95 per month 

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