Article Marketing - become an authority in your NicheOn the internet, website traffic, at least the kind that brings continuous customers,  is largely based on your authority and credibility. When we are build a new website, most of us are unknown. So, when visitors come to your website they know nothing about you. You could be the most experienced expert on a topic or you could be a “me-too” author. The visitor doesn’t have a lot of information to go on.

Some things, however, immediately indicate that you know what you are talking about–that you are an authority and have credibility in your niche.

  1. The appearance of your website
  2. The number of articles or other content
  3. Where the visitor came from

I’ll talk about the third: If the visitor was referred from a well-respected site, immediately he or she assumes that you are credible, that other important or popular websites in your niche respect you enough to let you write for them.

This page is about helping you become an authority and establishing your own credibility in your niche through article marketing.

In article marketing, I find three separate activities establish your authority

  1. Submit many well-written articles to broad-based, but quality article directories such as ezineArticles
  2. Become a respected contributor on a few, targeted high-impact, authoritative websites in your niche
  3. Establish yourself as a thought leader by submitting your own  or referring to other detailed articles in Scribed. Then lead the discussion.

Below, I’ve included an audio discussion and an article from scribd. The article is a well-written analysis from the Yaro Starak from Enterpreneur’s Journey and Brian Clark from Copy Blogger. This discusses some important aspects of how to write and submit articles.

The audio discussion helps you understand the three parts to establishing your authority and credibility in your niche  through the three important parts of article marketing.

Click to Play Teleseminar: [audio:]

[scribd id=37119751 key=key-1cco1q2k7kt28m9amh7c mode=list]

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