Keeping a regular backup for your database can save you from a lot of headache. Everyone knows that. Just remember to do it. Set up the automatic database backup now, and create a regular routine for the file backup.

There are two parts to a website backup: the Database and the Files.

The database includes all of the text that you type, the posts, the pages, the settings, the users who register, the comments, etc. Essentially, it is all of the information that is entered through the keyboard.

The files include all of the images, the templates, the plugins and any files that need to be “loaded.” Audio and Video files may be included. You should store your audio and video file on the HDDN content delivery network (CDN) that is provided for UpstartLiftoff members. However, if you include audio and video files on your web server, then they will be included in the “files” backup.

Your audio and video files stored in the CDN are backed up regularly to multiple servers by HDDN, the company that manages the video files.


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