Beautiful images on your website help create your “personality”

Learn how to create a winning websiteI realized that I needed to add one more important video to the Website Essentials: Graphics. You definitely need to know how to get good quality graphics for your website . . . and get them legally and ethically.

So, I’ve added this extra bonus which is actually part of our Getting Started teleseminar / webinar series.

The teleseminar tells you where to get high quality graphics for free or for very limited prices. These are called “royalty free.” Sometimes paying for the right graphic is definitely worth it. Don’t worry. You can do it very affordably!)

The webinar (video) shows you how to edit and to create your own graphics. This video is almost 2 hours packed with instructions and examples.

When you are building your new website on UpstartLiftoff, we provide numerous videos to show you how to create buttons, banners, and all of the internet graphics that you need.

Enjoy the teleseminar and the video below:

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Resources in this Video

image: Serif - Software with Imagination


Watch this Video Below

NOTICE: This video is large. After pressing the start button, please wait about 30-60  seconds while this video begins loading. This video is one hour and 45 minutes of training.

It WILL load and start eventually. Sorry for the difficulty, but it should be worth it.

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