Three pillars to build your websiteIn our teleseminar call last night, I was speaking directly to you who are just beginning your website, or building a new website. However, the principles hold true for any website if you want to bring in traffic. If you don’t have traffic (visitors to your website) then your website is irrelevant.

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As we progress through our individualized help in building your website, we will teach you each part of these three pillars, how to do this, right down to which buttons to click. But ultimately, it will come down to your willingness to

  • think clearly about your topic
  • break it into parts
  • create a plan
  • write daily tasks and execute the plan

We’ll be here with videos, instructions, and even encouragement. But you can take your ideas and turn them into your own gold.

The three Pillars that make every website grow naturally, “organically” are

  1. Content – Keyword focussed, SEO centric articles, videos, audios and all sorts of content. But know your audience. Know the keywords.
  2. Email and Customer Relationship. Email is still a unique and powerful form of “interrupt” marketing. But you have been given permission to send your letters directly to your contacts. Everything else (except maybe the new texting options) waits for the user. But, if you over-sell to your contacts, your contact list will become useless. So, build a relationship, not a sales list. All of our training will be based on GetResponse.
  3. Facebook and Social Media Interaction. Facebook and other social media technologies are a powerful viral method of creating interests. This allows you to share your ideas with your friends and the friends-of-friends and the friends-of-friends-of-friends. The audio tells more about this, but if you build conversations, it is a powerful form of spreading your message.

Hint for Subscribing to GetResponse for Free until you have over 100 subscribers:

In the audio above, we recommend getting set up with GetResponse as soon as possible. You can subscribe for free until you have over 100 contacts in your email list. This is important because it gives you the time to begin building your list before you ever have to pay. Trust me, the little cost of paying for a list will be paid MANY times over if you build a relationship with your list and then sell to your quality products to them. Always send quality content to your list, not just SELLING information.

Steps to get started for free until you have 100 contacts:

  1. Click this Link to GetResponse
  2. Click on “Pricing” at the top of the page
  3. Then click on “or Sign for Free”. this is just a little link at the bottom of the page, so you have to look for it.

(Note. The above link is an affiliate link. That means that if you use this link, eventually I may get a commission. This does not increase your cost in any way, but it is a way for me to keep my operating costs as low as possible for you.)

Whatever you do on your website, don’t forget these three pillars. As we go through the training, we will cover these in more and more detail.

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