How to Create a Facebook iFrame

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In March, 2011, Facebook made a significant update to the Facebook layout and design. Actually, there were many changes included, but one important change was that they stopped allowing new FBML pages and began to require iFrames instead.

Well, if you are new to Facebook, and it you are not very technical, you may not even know what those mean. The simple answer is that you can add any type of content you want to a Facebook Fan Page, but you need to add something called an iFrame.

It’s pretty nice, really. This allows you to pull graphics, text, music, videos . . . virtually anything you want on your Facebook Fan page.

PLUS, you get a great benefit. This will allow you to create a different landing page for Fans and those who are not fans (but you want them to be). So, you can create a nice landing page to welcome non-fans and ask them to “like” you. Then when they have “liked” you (or become your fans) you can show them other good material.

That’s pretty nice, too.

So watch the video below. We’ll assume you already know how to create your own Facebook fan page, If not, you may want to watch these other videos if you haven’t done so already.

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