How to Create a Youtube Channel and Update Important Channel Settings

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Youtube receives approximately 1/3 of all searches that occur on the internet. It seems logical. Most people learn better visually and aurally, so if they want to learn about a topic, many people go straight to Youtube.
So, in your business or your own website, you can utilize Youtube better by creating an account and then setting it up as a Channel. This video shows you how to set up a youtube channel and then shows you the settings that are most important to give strong settings to help bring your channel to the top of the search engines.
In this video, we’ve included an example from my website to show you how to set up a channel. It includes an introductory video, the background with thematic colors, favorites, playlists, recent activities, subscribers, and other youtube seo settings.
We show you how to do this to support our newly-created website.
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