When you are setting up your new domain, it is important to build personalized email addresses that include your domain. These email addresses give you a little more credibility.
Well, lets say your business is Acme Widget Company and your domain is www.acmewidgets.com. Which email seems more credible?
orders@acmewidgets.com or johndoe@hotmail.com?
When people see johndoe@hotmail.com, they are bound to think, “Hmm. He has a nice website, but really this is just John selling some little widget. I wonder how is support is. I wonder if I will get a refund if I have serious trouble.” 
It is important to set up a few personalized email addresses. The video below will show you how to set this up using the RackSpace control panel. Here are a few email addresses that you might consider using. You don’t need all of them, but depending on which services you offer.
If you really are a one-man show. Don’t over-do this. 
  • support@YourDomain.com – You might use this email address 
  • orders@YourDomain.com – This helps you keep all orders from your shopping cart going to a separate email address. 
  • firstname.lastname@YourDoman.com – Just add each different person in your company as a separate email address. Larger organizations tend to use firstname.lastname format.
  • admin@YourDomain.com – This is usually added for the web administrator
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 The RackSpace control panel is accessed through 




You will need the username and password that was sent to you when we set up your account with UpstartMediaMarketing

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