Learn about e-commerceThanks for attending our teleseminar. Tonight we talked about

  • Paypal versus merchant accounts
  • Review of shopping carts and purposes
  • Digital Downloads — Problems and Solutions
  • Drop Shipping versus Affiliate Marketing
  • Producing your own DVD or CD

You will find the recording of tonight’s video in our Teleseminar / Webinar Recordings as soon as we have the recording downloaded and edited. Remember, members, that we have a teleseminar with Q&A every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. MST. Remember to always check the schedule; the call-in PIN will change regularly.

Next week we will complete our final introductory teleseminar series. The topic will be Preparing for Launches. But you can bring any question. The public is invited to this teleseminar next week.

Click to Play Teleseminar: [audio:http://c684650.r50.cf2.rackcdn.com/e-commerce28-Apr_23-10.mp3]


Resources in this video

Here are some of the products that we discussed tonight.


E-Junkie is a great shopping cart for creating buttons right in your own website. What is very neat about e-junkie is that you can add your own buttons and make your shopping cart be run right inside your blog. It integrates with either PowerPay (see below) or Paypal. They have their own affiliate program, and they have an excellent digital download security system.

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery


This is the most reliable Merchant Account company. They are inexpensive, provide excellent support, and simply reliable. I have been scammed by other companies who try to be an online merchant account. If they are calling you, run.

Powerpay, however, is in the business of working with online companies, and they understand the dynamics of doing business on the web. So, their fees are almost non-existent but they “just work.”

Premium Web Cart

Premium Web Cart is a comprehensive shopping cart. They have integrated many features that you would normally pay another vendor for . . . or go without. They integrate with GetResponse; They include an affiliate program, they include a survey system, and a live chat. Live-chat alone is important so that you can automatically actually answer customer questions before they purchase. Finally, their ticket system keeps track of customer requests.

Oh, and you can run multiple shopping carts under the same account! THAT is cool. So, I highly recommend Premium Web Cart if you intend to use an online shopping cart.



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