Editing Backgrounds for Your Website, Youtube, and Twitter

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In our UpstartMediaMarketing Training, we teach you that you should make a consistent image among your public areas, including your website, Youtube, Twitter, and even Facebook. This consistent image helps people know who you are and feel comfortable that they have found a consistent message.
Sometimes it seems complicated, but it is really pretty simple. In this video, we show you quickly how to create backgrounds that are consistent.

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Resources in this Video

Templates to build your backgrounds:

Use this template for Twitter or if you want your position your wordpress website to the left. Adjust the image area to match the width of your WordPress template.

This template was produced by FuelYourCreativity.com

Use this template for YouTube. Or you can use it for your WordPress background if you intend to position your website in the center of your image.

This Youtube background template was produced by PimpMyChannel.com

Serif Movie Plus

Serif is our number one choice for a Video Editor. It is easy to use, has good instructional material, and the price is very reasonable.

image: Serif - Software with Imagination


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