GetResponse provides many great templates that you can use for your email. If you want a highly designed email template, then these are excellent.

However, I find I rarely use a complicated template. They just take a lot of time to work with. Instead, I create a very simple template that includes only a banner and then the text.

Since most email programs only show about 600 pixels wide, I generally make my template no more than 600 pixels wide.

So, my template will be built using a simple HTML table, a graphic for the banner, and maybe a background color for the text. This video will show you very simply how to do that.


Things to Watch For in this Video

If you plan to work on the internet, it is very helpful to know a little about editing in HTML. It’s not that hard. Really.

In the Resources in this Video section, I have included a link to a free HTML editing tool called Komposer that I use frequently. As I said, it is free and simple to use. It’s one of the tools that you should have if you are serious about working on the web.


Resources in this Video

Komposer is a free HTML editing tool that I use regularly. It is easy to use and will give you the HTML code that you might need every now and again.

Kompozer HTML editing tool


You may want to watch to learn more about graphics, HTML, and editing. If you want to know more about using HTML visit our advanced training series called HTML and Languages. These two topics may help:

Basic HTML Codes and How They Work.

This video will define HTML and show you the basic parts of HTML. This will take you a long way. 90% of HTML that you will ever need to know will be in this video.

Using Komposer or other HTML Editor with WordPress.

Although I know HTML pretty well, I find it much easier to let a program write my HTML. Sometimes WordPress just wants to do things a little “weird”. So I use a very simple HTML editor called Komposer. It writes my HTML. Then I copy it into WordPress when I need it just right.

[intlink id=”732″ type=”post”]Creating a Banner and Making Simple Edits to your Logo in PhotoPlus X4[/intlink]

If you have not created a 600-pixel banner, you may want  to watch the video Creating a Banner in PhotoPlus X4. This tool is built to be user friendly and is about 1/6th the cost of PhotoShop.


Watch this Video Below

 In order to keep our videos up to date, we are linking directly to GetResponse Videos

How to Create a GetResponse Template

How to Create a GetResponse Newsletter

Text in this Video

Welcome back to another video training. This training is how to create a basic email template in GetResponse. GetResponse provides many great templates that you can use for your email. If you want a highly designed email template, then these are excellent. What I find, however, is that my email template only needs to simple. I like to create a very basic template. I generally make it no more than 600 pixels wide.

Now we’re going to use a number of tools to help us. We are going to learn to use Kompozer very briefly. If you need to learn more, you can watch Basic HTML Codes and How They Work, Using Kompozer or other HTML Editors with WordPress, and of course, if you haven’t created a Banner yet, you can learn about that in Creating a Banner in PhotoPlusX4.

OK, so let’s get started. The very first thing we need to do is create a basic table in KompoZer. This is Kompozer. It is a very powerful, but very simple to use HTML editor. It is free, and you can download that.

I will create a very simple table. I’ll make it two rows by 1 column. I’m going to right-click in here and go to Table/Cell properties. Make sure you click on the Table tab. Then set the width to 600 pixels. Set your border to be 0 pixels. Then set your Table Alignment to Center for your newsletter html. Then click OK.

You’ll notice how we centered this on the page.

Now right-click on the bottom cell and select Table Cell Properties again. In this case I’ll set the background color. This is not required, but I want the text portion of my newsletter to have a background of a light blue that matches my logo.

Now in the top cell, I’ll type in Banner. In the bottom cell I will type Text.

Now if I click on the Source tab you can see the HTML source that we will use later.

Now, let’s go back over to GetResponse.
Log in. Then the first thing you want to do is click on the Dashboard and make sure you have selected your current campaign.

Then click on Multi-media Photos. Then click on the Photos tab. I will need a new gallery, so I’ll call this BearsOTP. Now click Add. Now, upload a file from your desktop. Select your 600-pixel banner.

Once that is loaded, you can click on that, you can click open to see a preview.

Now that my html is ready and my banner is loaded, I’ll go to Messages > Create Newsletter. Choose HTML Format. You can choose any of the templates, but we’ll start with a Blank Template.

You can see the HTML controls. YOu will want to select Custom HTML on the right side.

Now click back over to KompoZer and select from

Copy that source.  Click back over in GetResponse and paste the code. Then click “Back to Editor.”

You can see “Banner” and “Text”. Select the Banner text and click Multi-media. Click the BearsOTP gallery then click Add on top of the banner media item. That takes you back to the newsletter template and you can see the banner in the template. Wasn’t that easy?

Now add some text. You can personalize by clicking Personalize. Then select [[name]]. That’s all.

Now click Save as Template at the bottom. That’s all I need.

To create your first newsletter, click on Dashboard, Messages, Create Newsletter.

Pick HTML Format. Then start with a blank template. Then click the Load Template Icon. Select the Bears Newsletter Template. And there it is.

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