How to Size and Upload Your Side (Profile) Banner Image on Facebook Fan Page

Now you should have your Facebook Fan Page set up. However, your website and your Facebook fan page needs to maintain a consistent personality, an image.

In this sense, “image” can mean two things: 1) the actual picture on the left hand side of your facebook page, or 2) the personality, persona, or tone. In Facebook, the image is called your “profile picture”. But you might think that means that it should be a picture  of yourself or maybe your logo. That’s just fine for your personal Facebook environment, but not for a business page.

The profile image on your FanPage should make use of that area. It should accomplish three things:

  1. Draw Attention
  2. Convey Success
  3. Demand an Action

This video will show you the technical details of adding a side banner, but it will also illustrate how to accomplish the three purposes when a user comes to your Facebook business page.


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