Fascinating – Filter Bubble

Finding yourself alone

I frequently find myself watching interesting talks on TED talks. They are often insightful and imaginative. Today I listened to a talk that I believe should be listened to by all, especially those who are internet marketers.

Eli Pariser talked about how we use search engines and how they are becoming smarter and smarter as they are able to specifically identify the things you want to see, based on your previous clicks and watches. The data that they use weeds out all of the extraneous noise as much as possible, so that it knows that if your and outdoor enthusiast, when you search for “bears”, you want to see big furry creatures. But if you are a sports enthusiast, Chicago Bears will the top hits in your search engines.

If we are politically minded, our political choices will naturally come first. And the topics go on an on. This is exactly what we want, right?

Pariser points out how we are become increasingly isolated, to our own detriment. We miss important “alternative” views that are critical for us. Pariser makes a convincing arguement.

And Google is not the only search engine with this type of technology. Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, Yahoo, Bing, and all the big news search engines do the same.

Go ahead and watch this video.