(or How to Use Flowplayer with HDDN, CDN High-Speed Videos)

(NOTE. This video is outdated. Use this only if you are still using the HDDN CDN.)

A Content Delivery Network (CDN)  is a network or group of many large, fast computers around the world. They are linked and shared so that if I load a video into a CDN here in Salt Lake City, the same video is copied to many other computers around the world. This means that when someone from England, for example,  comes to my website and plays the video, the person will pull the video from a European server instead of from Salt Lake City. This ensures that my videos will play much faster and without disruption.

HDDN.com is a company that we have licensed to host all of our high-speed video.

Flowplayer is a highly customizable video player.

This video will show you how all of this is integrated within the UpstartLiftoff training and hosting.

Why this matters

On the internet, hosting videos can be simple. All you need to do is post them on YouTube, right? Well, there are certainly advantages to using YouTube. However, there are also many, many distractions. And, all of your videos are public.

Instead, we host our own videos and keep our edu-training/promotional videos for  YouTube and all of the other video hosting sites.

Your videos are hosted on some of the fastest, most robust and configurable servers and players available on the entire internet.



Things to Watch For in this Video

All of your video files that are loaded to the high-speed servers will use this path:


Resources in this Video

Watch this Video Below

[flowplayer src=’http://c684659.r59.cf2.rackcdn.com/Using-Flow-Player-with-HDDN.mp4′ width=800 height=600]


Text in this Video

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