Creating an email list is one of the most important tasks that you need to do to build your business. Your email list is the lifeblood of your marketing. If you learn to build a relationship with your customers by sending them only valuable information on your topic, then they will respond to you positively whenever you have products to sale and promote.

There is no video in this post. Instead, you need to actually watch a full series of articles and videos in the category called [intlink id=”197″ type=”category”]Email Using Get Response[/intlink] –> [intlink id=”198″ type=”category”]Starting Email[/intlink]

There are many email marketing services. Over time, I have found GetResponse to be a very effective marketing tool. Therefore, all my videos focus on using GetResponse. If you use a different email marketing tool, you will probably be able to adapt the principles, but you’ll need to figure out the step-by-step.

You can set up your GetResponse account by using the GetResponse banner below:

Resources in this Video

You may want to watch the email videos in this order:

  1. [intlink id=”338″ type=”post”]Principles of Email Marketing and Building Customer Relationship[/intlink]
  2. [intlink id=”340″ type=”post”]How to Create a GetReponse Account[/intlink]
  3. [intlink id=”342″ type=”post”]How to Create a Double-Opt In Email Web Form[/intlink]
  4. [intlink id=”344″ type=”post”]How to Create a Basic Email Template in GetResponse[/intlink]
  5. [intlink id=”346″ type=”post”]How to Write and Send an Email Newsletter in GetResponse[/intlink]
  6. [intlink id=”348″ type=”post”]How to Create a Follow-up Email Sequence in GetResponse[/intlink]

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