We can have your Business Lead Generator Gold website up within two to four weeks, depending on how quickly we can get information from you

Your website will include

  • your website with testimonials, video sliders showing your services, emphasis on getting your phone ringing
  • a matching mobile website
  • up 20 industry-targeted, search engine optimized articles written and entered–These will be based off your words from an interview/discussion that we will have about your products, your services, your business. Because of this unique approach, these articles will be absolutely unique.
  • up to 20 audio segments explaining your business–If you desire, we can send you all of these audio clips plus the transcription, which can be used to create online tutorials and videos, all of which will bring more traffic to your website.
  • Google+ review site activated
  • Yelp review sites activated
  • QR codes and short links for Google+ and Yelp
  • promotional forms to give (or email) to each successful client

To get this started, there are several things I need you to do:

  1. Set up payment. The original payment will be $1700.00. Then you will be automatically charged $80.00 each month after that on the same day of the month. Just click this link and get started: http://bit.ly/LeadGold
  2. Second, so that I can set up your accounts on the server and elsewhere, use this link to enter the information about your website. If you have not selected a domain name yet, do that first. Then fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Use this link: http://www.upstartmediamarketing.com/setup-utility-accounts/
  3. If you would like us to also integrate building a massive email list, then you will need to sign up for an account with GetReponse. Email is very important to stay in contact with your customers. They have a 30-day free trial, and you can select any size billing that you need. Once you have signed up, I will need you to forward your login and password, and I will do all the technical stuff (after you complete the steps below.) http://bit.ly/getResponse
  4. I need to know your selected domain. I believe it is sascosafety.com, but if not, please let me know.
  5. Change the Domain Name Servers to dns1.stabletransit.com and dns2.stabletransit.com. If you do not know how to do that, you can call GoDaddy and they will gladly help you do this. Let me know when that is completed.

Now, to get information for the website, we will need this information:

  1. Create a list of up to 20 topics that would be important to your customers or clients. I will talk to you about each one, and we will generate unique articles from this recorded conversation. It makes it very easy and very unique.
  2. Let me know when 2 or 3 best times to call you for an hour or two for a recorded conference call. We will do a recorded call from which I will create the 20 articles.
  3. If you have any photos of your work or business, this is very important for me to build the front page. I can also get stock photo, but personalized photos show more legitimacy. Please forward as many photos as you think would help. Yes, more is better, especially if there is a story about each one. We can record the story or information on the conference call.
  4. Please try to get 2-5 testimonials from your existing customers. If you can get recorded testimonials, that is even better. If you can get photos with those recorded testimonials, that is superb.
  5. Please tell me your company phrase and sub phrase (tag line). The first should be 3-6 words. The second can be slightly longer.
  6. If possible, send me a clear statement of what your customers most significant need is and how you solve that for them. This should be around 50 to 100 words. 

As quickly as we can get this information, we can get your website started. Of course, do the top steps first so that my staff can get started. 


And of course, most importantly, here is my personal cell phone number: 208-604-1101.  Although I have my staff do much of the work for this installation, I will always be personally involved in your website and your success. You can call me directly.