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How to Make My Own Video Website

Audio and Video are presently the most powerful forms of bringing visitors and potential customers to your website. Adding video to your website will keep visitors coming back or staying longer. Both of these will tell the search engines that you are a serious or highly focused website. The search engines reward your website for return visits and for time on your website.

This teleseminar will talk about

  • Audio headsets and technology, both free, inexpensive, and high-end
  • Recording and re-using conference calls
  • Tips to record video that look professional or at least semi-professional. You don’t want the raw amateur look, but you also don’t need to be “History Channel” quality.
  • Where to get royalty free, or free audio to enhance your video or audio.

The webinar will demonstrate five different video programs and discuss where and how to use them.

  • Serif MoviePlus–a very easy-to-use and comprehensive video editing tool. It is rapidly replacing my much more expensive Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Camtasia–a must, if you intend to do any computer training videos. All of the UpstartLiftoff training videos use Camtasia.
  • Animoto–makes promotional videos very easy and beautiful. There is a free and a professional level. Or, you can do professional level videos one at a time for about $5.00.
  • Webex–If you do webinars, WebEx or other webinar software is a must. You can record these videos and re-use them.
  • Kunaki–Selling DVDs is made extremely simple using Kunaki. You can sell DVDs one at a time for only $1.00 a piece. Kunaki does all of the work–burning the disk, packaging, shipping. It’s a must if you sell DVDs for any purpose.

Here are some other topics

  • How to Make my own video website
  • photo and video sharing website
  • video watching website
  • adding video to my website
  • video website host
  • showing video on a website
  • embedded website video players

Listen to the audio of Teleseminar 7:


Click to Play Teleseminar: [audio:http://c684650.r50.cf2.rackcdn.com/audio-video-24-Feb_22-04.mp3]

Resources in this Video

MoviePlus X5

Animoto-Videos online

Other Video or Audio Websites Discussed in the teleseminar or webinar

Inexpensive Royalty Free Websites

Audio and Video Streaming Websites


Watch this Video Below

[flowplayer src=’http://c684663.r63.cf2.rackcdn.com/audio-video-20110226-0202-1.mp4′ width=800 height=600]

Join us in the Upstart Liftoff hosting and training series. This hosting, community, and training will help you go from a beginner to a successful internet marketer.

You can always check what is coming next in the Building Your Website and Internet Presence Quick-Start Teleseminar / Webinar Series.

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