Checklist for writing a great online reviewBoth customers and businesses rely on quality online reviews. Customers want to make the best choice. Businesses rely on the flow of new customers and honest feedback. 

Before we buy a new product or try a new restaurant, most of us look at the reviews at Amazon, or Yelp, or whichever online retailer or site we’re browsing, just to make sure we’re not wasting our money on something useless. Some reviews are worthless; the reviewer writes something like “great product.” That’s pretty helpful, isn’t it? On the other extreme, some reviews  are so glowing that can’t be real.

The best online reviews actually offer good, product-specific information and personal reaction. We all hope your review will be the last type. 

In the tabs below, First, I’ll discuss what makes a good online review and how to write a good online review. Then, under each tab, I’ll show you the steps to enter a review


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