How to Market Your Product or Service

The biggest surprise that so many novice website owners get is…tada!…no one coming to their website once its built. I’m sorry. I’m going to tell you. A website by itself may not help you very much—except for business that already have established marketing and clientele. These are usually professional businesses who need either 1) a “corporate” website so that people who already know the business exists can go to the website to get basic information, business hours, contacts, etc. Or 2) a business may need to provide some online services, such as forms or scheduling, or methods to allow customers to submit data. Essentially these business need a “functional” website. They may even need their own software or Software as a Service. See UpstartMediaMarketing Product Management services.

But for most people or business who build a website, they want to attract new “traffic,” people coming to their website. They need new leads, new customers, more sales. For that, you need some form of marketing.

Now, there are plenty of guides to marketing. From textbooks to online video tutorials, you can really take your pick. Here are some basics.

  1. You’ll first want a well-designed website, with your customer in mind. UpstartMediaMarketing helps you focus on what your customer, your visitor, will need and design the website around that.
  2. And then, you need to focus the content with SEO and research your keywords. Google is showing more interest in helping websites become authorities in their niche–and ranking them higher when they are.
  3. Third, email is NOT dead. It is still the foundation of mass communication. Noteworthy email marketing efforts will still be the most important thing you can do. We’ll talk more about that below.
  4. Leave your mark socially. There is no question that social media brings traffic. A well-thought-out social media plan will have long term benefits. You don’t need to jump into everything, but coordinating your effort will bring large dividends.
  5. Become familiar with multi-media, especially, but not limited to, video.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on cameras or lighting to spread your message through a visual medium. But you do need a strategy. Create a video campaign for your business.

UpstartMediaMarketing will help you focus heavily on 1 and 2 when we help you build your website. We help you build a website that meets your needs and helps you focus the SEO to get Google to pay attention to you. Then we focus on number 3 extensively. We can help you build a plan to include social media and video, but that is not our emphasis. If you would like to emphasize social media and video, we will guide you to the experts in that field.

Email Is Still the Marketing Workhorse.

Every company should have a method to build a list of their client or customer email. This is not SPAM. And when you do it according to law and ethical rules, it almost always improves your relationship with your customer or client. They are your customer or client (which I will simply say customer from here on) because you have provided a product or service that they need. Providing repeat business and increased business is a benefit to them at appropriate times.

Using an email wisely will almost always increase your business and your bottom line.

So I will address three levels of email communication below. UpstartMediaMarketing is an expert in setting up and using all of these systems. There are hundreds of services, but we will recommend one service at each different level. UpstartMediaMarketing has an affiliate relationship with many of these services, and if you choose to use them by clicking on the links we provide, UpstartMediaMarketing (UMM) may be compensated and no additional cost to you. Our purpose is to provide the best service for you.

Basic Email Automation, Newsletters, and Communication

The first, easiest, and basic level of email is simply to use email to provide information back to your customers. There are many systems. But for basic email, my favorite email system is GetResponse.

Usually there will be some type of form on your website that UMM will install for you. Generally, UMM will keep your account information in our private records and we set up all of the technical details both on your website and in your email automation system. In all cases, we ask the customer to provide their email. We ALWAYS get permission to collect their email and send them a response. And we never allow anyone else to use these email except for the company who has permission to use them.

Now, this form may be as simple as asking a user to sign up for a newsletter. The sign-up rate is very low. We may provide a free bonus, information article, video, or some benefit to enter their email. Those will get a little more response, depending on the perceived value of what you provide. We can also include pop-up screens and exit pop-ups and a variety of other methods. Those may be a little annoying, but they get high response rates.

As an individual submits the form, this email will go into a system. We set up the system to immediately respond with a thank you, a method to remove themselves from the list, and probably an automated email that gives them the benefit or additional information.

Once you have the email address, you can then log onto the system as often as you desire. You can design a nice template (or UMM can do that for you), and you can send out a newsletter. You can do this once a month, once a week, daily, or whenever you want. You can schedule those emails to go to everyone on the list at a certain date. This is good to communicate with all of your customers about annual events, new deals, or just provide great information.

Don’t worry if this is a little confusing, UpstartMediaMarketing will set it up for you and teach you how to provide valuable information every time you send an email.

But the system will allow you to do more than this. You can build what is called a follow-up sequence. That is where the power of email marketing begins.

A follow-up system will allow you to create a series of emails. When the person signs up for your email, you can automatically begin this series, one at a time, starting from when they signed up. So, if you have a series of small lessons that help people understand your business, you can set it and let it go. If the content is valuable, people will never complain.

If you have the information to send, UpstartMediaMarketing will set up this system for you. And we will teach you the steps to add more and do more. This is just the beginning of email marketing.

Logic-based Automation

Sometimes you want to expand beyond just follow up. Sometimes you want to send a different series of emails or postcards or videos or text messages based on whether a customer clicks and takes action. For this, I recommend a different service called Active Campaign. ActiveCampaign is a hidden gem in the marketing automation world.

There are other logic-based automation systems, but the interfaces are generally clunky. Active Campaign is designed with the customer in mind, like UpstartMediaMarketing likes to do with our websites and our software. It is drag and drop. If you want one email to go before the other, you simply click and drag it on the screen.

So how is a logic-based system different from regular email automation? Active Campaign builds its action based on several “triggers.” When a user clicks a link. When a user opens a page. When a user buys a product. Or, if a user opens an email but doesn’t click on a link. Or if the user clicks on the link but doesn’t buy the product. Or maybe the user started buying the product but didn’t finish the purchase.

All of these triggers are combined with “if this happens, do that.” So you might send the user a different email. It might alert you to make a phone call. It may send an automated postcard. Etc. You can see how this logic-based automation, in a very user-friendly environment, can be very powerful.

Again, if some of this is confusing. UpstartMediaMarketing will walk you through it, and we may set up the full system for you. But let’s take a look at the top of the marketing chain. A Sales Funnel.

Sales Funnel Marketing

If you have specific products and services to sale, and you want to build a powerful lead and sales machine, you want to build a Sales Funnel.

A Sales Funnel is what it sounds like. Your marketing machine is like having a funnel. All of your visitors enter a single page (or multiple different pages). They are given an offer, usually an irresistible offer that has high value and low cost, and they click to buy. Or maybe you are offering a free product with high value, such as a unique training video. In order to get this they need to enter a name and email into a form, just like the email form above.

But a sales funnel then takes the customer to the information they wanted but it also has product to sell. Like the logic-based automation, the user takes different paths, but a sales funnel is built to have web page and information for each step. You ALWAYS provide value, but you also provide opportunities to buy or sign up for more. It is a SALES funnel.

If you are selling a specific product and service, there is absolutely no better system the ClickFunnels.

This system is the king of marketing. This can turn an average business into a cash-producing machine. Not only that, I would recommend that you read two books by ClickFunnels creator and Marketing expert, Russell Brunson.

These two books will give you a detailed playbook about building a marketing plan that will sell any product.





  AND    There are many marketing books, and if you intend to become proficient in marketing your own website, or even if you hire UpstartMediaMarketing to set up and build all of the funnels, we strongly encourage you to read these two books and other books on marketing.


UpstartMediaMarketing is very familiar with setting up and using marketing funnels. ClickFunnels is built to be non-technical, but the truth is, understanding and setting them up can be overwhelming. That is why UpstartMediaMarketing offers to work with you and actually do all of the setup. Once it is up and running, we can teach you what is happening. Then, if you want, we can turn it over to you.

If you do decide to use ClickFunnels, you will probably not need to build a website. Your website will be a sales funnel.

We haven’t talked about Social Media or Pay-Per-Click (like Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Youtube Advertising). But we do offer solutions for that as well. Just give us a call.

Remember, UpstartMediaMarketing focuses on solving your online needs. Websites, Marketing, and Product Management. If you have any questions, please call. We never charge for online services consultation, even if you don’t choose our service. We’ll guide you to the best choices we can find.

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