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I want you to know that we love to build websites with WordPress. We’ve used a lot of tools and built websites with Joomla, with Drupal, and even straight HTML.But we love using WordPress because of its versatility and its strength. It’s a great tool.

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10 WordPress Power Tips

actually includes 14 power tips because we added 5 critical security tips and bundled them into 1. Here are the topics.

  • WordPress Backgrounds. How to create simple but startling backgrounds that can reinvent your website. This goes a long way to making your own customized website.
  • SEO. This covers the core SEO principles that you should include on your website and in every post or page.
  • Keyword research for article topics. You need to know your audience. Follow these keyword research techniques to capture your audience.
  • Linking your WordPress website directly to Facebook. You should always use the viral nature of Facebook. This will show you how to get every article pushed out to your Facebook fan page.
  • Controlling SPAM. WordPress has some very strong controls to prevent SPAM comments. It’s hard to eliminate everything, this goes a long way.
  • Using Google Analytics. Learn to set up WordPress so that you track where your visitors go on your website.
  • Google XML sitemaps. This is vital to helping Google index your pages and help others find your content.
  • Security (actually 5 critical tips to keep out hackers). I don’t know why we have people who have nothing better to do than destroy someone else’s work, but they are there. If you don’t put these security measures in place, you are much more likely to get hacked and have your site brought down.
  • Regular Backups. Don’t forget to do regular backups. You will wish you had, and it is easy.
  • SEO and Design Templates. Some templates give you greater SEO control than others.

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