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  • Why “site builder” software generally won’t work for long term
  • How to follow a specific process for long term success
  • Why most websites don’t invite visitors to stay and how to greet and invite them to see more
  • Which early hosting choice will drive your visitors away
  • Why you must, must, must build a subscriber list in order to create repeat sales

…And much, much more!

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Before we continue…I want to give you my “Starter Kit to Blasting the Internet Barriers” 7-Day E-Course…what my readers have called “the jumpstart they needed and were looking for to remove the internet mystery!”

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Your “Must Have” Starter Kit to Blast the Internet Barriers 7-Day E-Course

How to create your internet plan, create supporting information and content, and integrate it with powerful social media… Starting Today!

  • Day #1 The Marketing Plan. Building a web site without a clear marketing plan is like having  boat without a rudder. A well-designed marketing plan captivates your visitors with quality information and turns them into repeat customers. Learn about landing pages. Sales Pages. Content Pages. Blog Pages and how to put them together.
  • Day #2 The Keyword Connection – Why keywords matter, How to identify your best keywords, and Where to integrated them in everything you do
  • Day #3 Building Web Pages – A review of the best tools, options, and difficulty levels
  • Day #4 Graphics – What you will need. Where to find “free” and low-cost images. The best and least expensive Tools to Create quality graphics. And how to build a website banner.
  • Day #5 Email Campaign – The importance of building a quality, personalized list. How to invite visitors to join your newsletter. And which companies host your lists.
  • Day #6 Social Media – In today’s internet, a website without tight social media integration (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) will struggle to be successful. This lesson teaches you how to tie them all together naturally, so your friends and visitors happily follow your trail.
  • Day #7 Internet Technical Fundamentals – If your are planning to be a part of the internet, you need to know the terminology and know just a little about how things tie together. It may sound boring, but this information helps you keep your website running smoothly. Don’t worry–it starts at the beginning.
  • Bonus: Anatomy of a Launch – When your website is ready to share (launch) you need to have a plan to get people excited to see it. This document gives you the basic steps to begin to open the internet door and begin to “drive traffic” to you website. This will give you the blueprint fundamentals to get you started right.

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