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  • Recurring Commission
  • Long-term client relationship
  • Earn long-term income while helping others to produce great websites.

Why Promote the UpstartLiftoff Training and Hosting Program?

  • All videos are high quality
  • 50% commission on original purchase. If we charge a setup fee, affiliates earn 50%.
  • 25% recurring monthly commission on hosting account and training
  • We build very strong customer relationship using chat and personalized telephone welcome calls, so our refund is very low (less than 1%)
  • The training is comprehensive. Customers get started quickly, but we continue through e-commerce, membership sites, social media, etc.
  • We hold weekly Q&A training. No one is ever without guidance.
  • This is a product that you can bring to anyone who wants to begin building a website. We strongly support new businesses trying to get off the ground.
  • We have priced the high-speed hosting Cloud Servers and CDN within reach of any new customer and without the individual technical concerns.
  • We are devoted to our customer’s success.

UpstartMediaMarketing, and our flagship training program, UpstartLiftoff, is a unique training program. It is somewhat of a hybrid between a customized website building solution and a stand-alone training package.

We consider each individual that we sign up as a “client” not a “customer. The difference is that a client is normally one who pays for ongoing services, such as a legal program or an architectural project. Each one is unique and requires interaction with the “vendor.” A “customer” is someone who pays for a product and walks out the door until we can bring them back to purchase a different product.

The UpstartLiftoff program is unique. We stay in close contact with our clients through our weekly Q&A program. We also track who attended and we look for opportunities to contact those not making a lot of progress.

Why is this important to Affiliates? Recurring commission.

UpstartMediaMarketing provides a robust hosting solution (Cloud Servers plus CDN) so that our customers never need to change servers as they grow bigger. Yet, we give this combined power punch solution for a very reasonable cost that even very new marketers can afford. (Paid alone, they would be paying for both the server plus the high-speed video hosting.)

Plus, our customer care and interest is pro-active. This means that we try to help them grow; we don’t wait until they call for questions. Have you ever had this type of interest in your own program? We believe that our customer care will keep our clients loyal for years. That means ongoing commissions. That is our business model.

So, we invite you participate with us and receive ongoing commissions. We don’t look at the original purchase. We look at our long-term relationship.