“Let Me Make a Website on My Own
& I’ll Build Myself a Profitable Thriving Online Business”

UpstartLiftoff will provide everything you need to build a fast and profitable website that can bring regular income into your home or business



Complete Website Training and Website Hosting Red Checkmark

This is The Most Complete Website Training System to Take you From Beginner to Marketing Mastery

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We Help You Succeed in Three Ways:

  1. Comprehensive Training
  2. High-Speed Versatile Platform
  3. Unprecedented Ongoing Support


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Letter A - Training The Training

I have been building websites for 15 years, so

don’t waste time figuring it out yourself

OK. I’m assuming that you want to build a website that makes money. The UpstartLiftoff is a training / hosting / support program starts at the beginning,  teaches you how to build a beautiful website, hosts it on state of the art, high-speed “elastic” servers, mentors you as you build a successful website and internet business.

If you want to build a website quickly, use WordPress. It is easy to learn but very versatile.

You can purchase simple WordPress training courses. They teach you how to build a nice looking blog. But then what?   The UpstartLiftoff program is designed to teach you how to have an “internet presence,” even if you are a complete beginner.

You want your website to draw new customers and sell your products. The UpstartLiftoff training teaches you how to make a beautiful website, designed with any of the StudioPress, professional templates (included), and then it’s time to really get things cooking by adding social media like Facebook, videos on YouTube and link them back to your website.

But what about selling? Well, we teach you about e-commerce, setting up shopping carts, even how to build DVDs and sell them online. You can do that! You have the knowledge, skills, and the experience that someone else wants to learn.

You get several hours of of detailed video training instruction where you watch my computer screen as I build a fully functional website which integrates social media, includes email marketing, membership sites, YouTube marketing and more.

You’ll be able watch me every step of the way. The videos are made with high-quality screen capture software (which we teach you to use, too), and they are in large format so that you can clearly see everything that I am doing. We zoom into things you need to see, and then zoom out to help you see the whole picture. They are not blurry, difficult to to understand YouTube videos. We discuss WHY you are doing each step, so you become a marketer, not just a website builder.

There are currently over 100 videos, teleseminar recordings, and webinars  in the member’s area, and I have over 80 more slated to be developed to continually answer any question that you have.

I do the research and build new videos for any new technology or marketing tip that is sure to come along, and then I notify you and explain not just the tip, but how to use this tip and integrate it with your existing website.

Watch a Short Sample Lesson

Click the image below to watch a short sample of one of the training videos.

Lesson MovieClapper

UpstartMediaMarketing was the perfect solution

We knew we needed web support to build the online community we had envisioned for our newly published book. However, we had three concerns. 1. We had never built a website before; 2. We wanted to update the website on a regular basis and 3. We were on a limited budget. Upstart Media Marketing was the perfect solution! We got step by step instructions, from the ground level up, on creating and maintaining a state of the art Website with all the bells and whistles—for a price we could afford—and at a pace we set for ourselves. But the best part was that we were free to update the website and to add content any time. The Upstart Media Marketing package provided everything we needed to design, build content, create a shopping cart, and to engage our market with the latest social media tools and training. We have been extremely happy with the whole process.

–MJ Pangman, www.dancingwithwater.com

You will start receive in-depth training, starting at the basics and including every major area of website development and internet marketing.  COMPLETE

Letter - Servers Platform, Servers & Hosting

Start with the Right Environment

Let your website grow automatically

One thing nearly every new website owner overlooks is what to use to build the website and where do I put the website. The “what do I use” is called the platform. The “where do I put it” is called the server or the hosting. These are both important for speed and reliability.

Start with the Platform: WordPress

WordPress logoWe start with WordPress. (We can let you choose Joomla, Drupal, or even straight HTML if you want, though). WordPress is very easy to learn, even for the beginner. However, you have just about as much flexibility as you will ever need.

WordPress will let you put graphics and galleries, searches and shopping carts, videos and audio recordings, memberships and forums, calendars and contacts. I still haven’t found any type of content that I needed to put on a website that couldn’t use WordPress to do the job. Once you learn how to move a few things around, one thing is pretty much as easy as another.

But design is important too! Whether you may want a simple blog or a complex website, WordPress can do that. We include your choice of any one of the premium Genesis framework child-themes (templates) from StudioPress.

The Genesis themes can immediately used as a beautiful “turnkey” system or they can be modified to become anything you want.

Build on high-speed, ultra-reliable and flexible Cloud Servers

Cloud ComputingMany new website builders make a terrible mistake of using the cheapest shared hosting plan they can find. Shared hosting is fine to start, but as soon as your website begins to attract a lot of visitors, it will begin to slow down. Then you have problems.

I’ve had several websites that I put on cheap shared hosting accounts. Every time, as my website began to grow, people began to complain that it was slow. So I had to move my website . . . and that can be a lot of work AND Google doesn’t like that if your files are named exactly the same.

Cloud Servers state-of-the-art computers. Actually, they are big groups of computers all wired together so that when your website grows and needs more space or traffic (bandwidth) it immediately expands.

Think of a cloud server like a big elastic band. If the bundles inside the elastic band get bigger, it just automatically stretches . . . just like that. You never need to worry. And they are FAST. However, normally they are also expensive.

I give you the speed, reliability, and flexibility of cloud servers at an affordable cost that even beginners can afford. It’s all part of the package.

Make your videos screaming FAST: Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery NetworThe other thing most beginners and even many experienced internet marketers overlook is video hosting. Ooooh! Don’t make that mistake.

I will host your videos on extremely fast Content Delivery Networks (CDN), especially designed for videos. Let me explain. . .

Videos are big files and any time someone watches the video, their computer has to download that video file. We might say it “streams” flows like a stream of water to their computer. But your server has to send it all . . . and YOU have to pay for all that bandwidth.

So the second mistake they make is simply hosting all of their videos on YouTube. Don’t get me wrong. YouTube is a great resource. I use it for many videos. It is a great marketing tool. However, you have very limited control.

Every time you put a video up on YouTube, pretty much the whole world can watch your video for free. That’s great if you want them to see your cute little child dancing or even if you are creating a video that get’s peoples interest. (We teach you when and how to use YouTube in our training.) But it’s not so good if you are trying to sell your training or run a membership site.

There are some inexpensive hosting programs, but they are frustratingly slow. That means your visitors will watch videos that stop and start and stop. That’s NOT what you want your customers to experience. I’ve gone through several different versions of that problem. It’s not worth it.

I have a much better solution for you. We let you put all of your videos and audios (up to 10 gigs; more available if necessary) on screaming fast CDNs. Think of a CDN as a whole bunch of Cloud Servers throughout the world. So, you load your video to one place and the CDN makes a “mirror” copy to many different cloud servers throughout the world.

So, when a visitor in England watches your video, it streams from a local server in England; when someone in California watches, it streams from California. And so on. Bandwidth is much less. Speed is much faster.

And this is included in the same package. You don’t need to research. It is just there, ready for you to load your videos or audios!

You will start with the right servers and never have to move your website. Whether you have 10 visitors per month or 100,000 visitors per month, the servers and the platform will handle it. FAST.

We Build a True Relationship with our Customers

Trust, Concern, Honesty

Letter C - Support Ongoing Support and Strategic Guidance

Our relationship with you is our most valuable asset. That may seem trite, but it is a guiding principle for me. I like people. I genuinely want them to succeed. I tend to give more than I should to my own detriment. But I know that my business cannot grow if you don’t succeed. First, let me show you just a few comments from my customers to show you what I mean.

I have been associated with Aaron Mackley on both a personal and business level for several years. Aaron has always been courteous and helpful. If he hasn’t known the answer to a question that came up during online classes, he would find it and get a reply. His suggestions have been both carefully considered and courteously made. I always felt that he was genuinely interested in me and the progress that I was making.

–Kathleen Hosman

I have known and worked with Aaron & Eliana for a few years now. They have been wonderful to work with. Anytime I had a problem or wanted to make a comment I was able to contact them and they responded with answers or comments very quickly. They both have such an enormous knowledge base and sharing hearts. It has always been a pleasure to work with the Mackley’s and I hope to continue that contact in the future!

–Cherlynn Bell, Eagleville, Missouri

I have worked with Aaron and his company for the past several years now and have purchased numerous products from him, as well as membership to his services.  They are a wealth of information and worth every penny. Aaron has spent countless hours over the years putting together a vast array of information, and his videos have been so helpful, especially to those like me who definitely need to be shown how to do things, in order to feel confident to take the first steps. I tend to be a person who has lots of questions, and I’ve always been grateful that I could contact Aaron and get quick answers to solve my questions. I would recommend his services to anyone.

–Melody Barber

There are 2 types of Questions

Question MarkThere are two types of questions that get asked.

A) task-oriented or fix it questions

B) solutions-oriented or strategic questions

For example. A task-oriented questions might ask how a specific feature in your shopping cart works. A strategic question might ask when should I use PayPal and decide to use a merchant account and credit cards.

There are a lot of websites and training programs that can help with the single-topic task-oriented questions. Usually each website forum or training program will focus on a single topic. Then, if you need to get an answer to another question, such as Facebook, you have to do more searching.

Solutions-oriented or strategic answers need to provide long-term decisions that affect your direction or major steps. These answers are much more difficult to come by. Most forums or training is focused only on a specific topic, and usually the people don’t see the big picture. They can’t help you make long-term decisions, decisions that will save or waste a lot of time and possibly save you a LOT of money.

Of course, you will have both of these types of questions.  And we have a method to help you make these important decisions.

You are a member of an exclusive group

exclusive groupWithin two minutes you will have access to all of the training and our exclusive discussion area. You can ask any internet-related question. Not only are the members willing to help, but I monitor every topic. You can usually find an answer quickly.

If I can’t point you to a video to help. Then that topic goes on my list of videos to create or article to write.

You don’t want to be stuck on a technical problem for long.

The more you participate, the more you receive feedback from other members. In our exclusive emails and teleseminars (see below) solicit your questions and then I  encourage all members to actively participate. Everyone learns as everyone shares.

But our exclusive discussion area includes an unprecedented feature. We call them “Call Alerts.”

Exlusive UpstartLiftoff Call AlertThe Call Alert is an unprecedented feature unavailable anywhere else.

A call alert is a special announcement that is only used at only three very select times. Everyone encounters at least two of these times, and maybe all three.

  • Call for Review
  • Call for Launch
  • Call for Help

At each of these times in your website development, you need special help. And usually it is those times which you have the least help. Our goal is to give you the most attention when you need it most.

The Call for Review is used when you have done all your work on your website. You are getting ready to tell the world, but you would like someone to look at your website and get some feedback. Who do you turn to?

You go to the discussion area and submit a Call for Review. We encourage everyone to “subscribe” to and to answer these calls. When your Call for Review goes out, our members respond by simply visiting the new website. Then all each member does is responds with a few comments. This gives the new website designer some feedback to fix or update before they “go live”.

The Call for Launch is a very powerful feature. Usually when you have finished building your website and you want people to know about it . . . nothing happens. Why? because people don’t know you exist. The Call for Launch, like the Call for Review, is submitted. Then we ask every member to simply comment about the new website in a Twitter tweet, a Facebook Post, maybe even a mention in a Newsletter. The comments don’t need to be a major endorsement, maybe just a casual “Hey, I heard about this new website which shows XYZ. You might be interested in taking a look.”

This powerful mechanism helps to begin spreading the word. This is a powerful benefit only to those who participate in our exclusive group.

The Call for Help is the last vital Call Alert. This is not a call that is used regularly. The discussion area takes care of that. This is reserved ONLY for those very critical times such as when your website is completely down. Maybe your shopping cart is broken you just did a major promotion. Most of us should never have to use the Call for Help, but it is invaluable when you do.

I remember about three years ago, I had just launched a new site. However, for some reason the database when down. I tried everything I could think of. But I was stumped. I asked people in three different forums with no reasonable responses. Finally, one member contacted me and said, “if you give me you phone number, I’ll call you and fix your problem.” He didn’t charge me a penny, but my problem got resolved in a few minutes.

About three months ago, I saw a similar problem. A user of a different forum had her WordPress website completely down. I “Paid Forward” the same favor and had her database back up in about 30 minutes (plus gave her a good backup of the database and files).

Notice. Because these Call Alerts could be abused, I will immediately suspend and possibly cancel any account if the user abuses this feature.  This is clearly spelled out in the terms and conditions.

Weekly Strategy / Question & Answer Teleseminars and Webinars

TeleconferenceEvery new step in internet marketing requires new ideas, new technology.

Most beginning, even advanced internet marketers need a place to turn to ask what should be the next step. If you haven’t “been there, done that”, you may waste weeks of time trying 3 or 4 options. Or you may need to search the internet to try to find answers.

I will help you  cut through all of that wasted time and find the next step that works.

This is what the Teleseminars are all about. You can ask specific questions about the technology or you can ask strategic questions about different how the technology can be used to help you get more traffic.

  • Are you going to add Facebook to your website? Do you know how to build Fan Pages?
  • Do you want to use videos? For marketing? For DVDs?
  • Which shopping carts are the best? What’s a merchant account? Which is the best? Why? (Depends on what you need to do with it.)
  • Who can you ask who has done this a several times? In different ways?

I will be available on the teleseminar call EVERY week. If no one shows up, that’s ok too. But you know that you can call to learn what to do or how to make your internet marketing life easier.

At least once per month I will hold a Webinar. The webinar will actually be a demonstration of a topic that is important to you. Think of it as a “Show and Tell.” It might be new technology or just a problem that everyone seems to get hung up on.

Just like the teleseminar, all members are welcome to join.

Although the webinar has less time for Q&A, you can submit a request for a demo.

You will always have access to answers to your questions and a source for recommendations for the next step. FAST.


So Here’s the Whole Package!

So let’s put the package together and show you the details.

Letter A - TrainingComprehensive Training Videos

Getting Started Training Foundation

  • Starter Ten: Website Planning (10 videos) These videos help you understand how the search engines work, how you need to organize your content, how to do keyword research so Google can find, index, and promote you. (You do want Google to find you, don’t you?)
  • 2nd Ten: Website Framework (10 videos) These videos help you understand all about working with WordPress, themes, finding quality images (legally and ethically), and loading videos to your high-speed servers for maximum impact.
  • Final Starter: Design to Launch (10+ videos) These videos help you customize banners and headers, work with the fundamentals of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and prepare to launch your website to a wider audience.

Advanced Training Series (3-10+ lessons each)

  • Images and Art. Learn photo editing techniques and clip-art design and manipulation. Make your own buttons and banners. Learn how to use color on the web. (A designer may charge $150 to $500.00 to design your logo. You may be able to do it yourself.)
  • Email Marketing and List Building. Actually this training is broken into beginning and advanced. First, learn how to create an email campaign, place the forms on your website, and then build a list. The advanced topics include segmenting your list to focus your emails, and how to build a strong customer relationship. Don’t abuse your list. (Do you know how to get your customers to trust you?)
  • Video Shooting and Editing. I have created hundreds of videos and produced several DVDs which produce income. We show you how to shoot a video, edit for effect, and load the video for either web or for DVD. (Would you like to double the revenue of nearly any training program?)
  • HTML & Languages. You may never need to use this one, but I find that learning just a little bit of HTML has solved many, many problems for me. WordPress (or any other editor) has ever done it exactly like I want it to. So, I teach you some of the simple things that you can do in HTML to solve some of those tricky little problems.
  • SEO, Keyword Research & Link Building. This may be one of the most important topics. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. We include a full series on how to make Google love your website. If you don’t know this, you are just getting lucky if Google finds you. (You do want Google to bring you customers, don’t you?)
  • Marketing and Launch. The launch process is pretty powerful. This can be done for your website or for just a unique product. A launch can bring double or triple your revenue, if done well.
  • Membership Sites. Most people don’t realize how easily they can convert their static information into a membership site. There are many different models that may work for your content. Plus, there are hundreds of options to “host” a membership site. We can walk you through the maze. (Can you say, “Monthly Income”?).
  • E-Commerce. I sloshed through many different shopping carts, merchant accounts, PayPal buttons, affiliate programs, and other selling tools. Each situation is different. However, I have found four solutions that work for just about any e-commerce need. (This is the way you make money on the web.)
  • Social Media. This is becoming a huge topic. I actually break this down into each of the main accounts: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Others. New ideas are coming out all the time, so I’ll keep adding to these topics. (Can your friends of friends of friends find your website?)
  • Genesis Theme Advanced Configuration. Genesis themes come ready to load, and they look beautiful. However, you may want to customize your site to be completely “you.” Genesis allows you to do some amazing manipulations. We’ll show you how.


  • Product Reviews. As you proceed, there will be new software or tools that will speed up your work. Things like shopping carts, merchant accounts, editing software, membership plugins, etc. ) You don’t need to buy everything when you start, but as you reach certain milestones, you will want to make your life easier. We’ll tell you our own experience and give your our recomendations.
  • Tools and Resources. This includes some technical stuff. How to set up the database. How to add additional email addresses. How to use FTP. All that kind of stuff. Most people don’t need to do too much of this, but it’s nice to know we haven’t forgotten it.
  • Terms and Tech Notes. Sometimes you just need a glossary.

Letter - ServersHigh Speed Versatile Platform

RackSpace Cloud Hosting ($150.00/month value)

  • Create one or more websites
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Normally you would pay $150.00/month for a “Cloud Site”. We include this hosting as part of the total package.
  • Store up to 10 gigs of data (combined with CDN)
  • More storage available upon request
  • Grow automatically and instantly

Content Delivery Network (CDN) ($49-$200/month value)

  • High-Speed Videos
  • Control Access
  • Use verstatile FlowPlayer video player
  • Normally you would by $99.00/month for CDN access. We include as part of total package.
  • Customize your video player size and design
  • Create “your brand” video player if you want. (Extra fee required)
  • Store up to 10 gigs of data (combined with Cloud Hosting)
  • More storage available upon request

WordPress Installed with Core Plugins for Marketing

  • We install WordPress and set up the basic configuration that will allow you flexibility. You don’t need to find plugins for most things that are common. We’ve already installed them.
  • We install any one of the Genesis themes ($75 to $100.00 value)  as part of the total package.
  • We load several difficult to find plugins, such as a landing page plugin and squeeze page plugin. (Believe me. This one has been tough.)
  • We load a email form slide-in plugin that catches the attention.
  • We configure special security enhancements on your server and in WordPress so that hackers can’t get in. (Most users don’t know about these.)
  • (NOTE. Some plugins have both a free version and a professional version. Sometimes the plugin may require an additional fee for the professional version, but they are usually < $20.00)

BONUS: 3000+ Graphics Library ($49.00 value)

  • We include a 3000+ image graphic library. This is one of the most difficult things to track down . . . good sales images.
  • This library is completely free to use
  • I continue to add my own images to the library
  • Members are welcome to contribute to this library as well

Letter C - SupportUnprecedented Ongoing Support

Weekly Q&A Teleseminar

  • Each week have access to ask any internet-related question.
  • If I don’t have an answer I’ll find it.
  • I’ll probably create a video or teach a Webinar

Monthly Show & Tell Webinar

  • Each month I will “show and tell” some topic that is difficult for users or which demonstrates a new technique from the internet “gurus”

Exclusive Discussion Forum

  • Receive ongoing question and answers in our own discussion forum.
  • Earn monthly bonus points for being active in the community and helping others.

Exlusive UpstartLiftoff Call Alert3 Unprecedented Call Alerts

  • These Call alerts are not available anywhere else.
  • They have remarkable influence as our community grows

Regular Tips and Tricks from the Internet Gurus Newsletter

Here’s a slide show that explains the details and the program a little more.

[iframe_loader width=”640″ height=”506″  frameborder = ‘0’  longdesc=’ ‘ marginheight=’0′  marginwidth=’0′ name=’ ‘ click_words=’ ‘ click_url=’ ‘  scrolling=’auto’   src=’http://app.sliderocket.com:80/app/fullplayer.aspx?id=AF8F2672-66C1-662E-478B-EFD16A2A560E’]


Of course you could learn each of these topics online for free, but you can’t find it together and focused on your topics.  And you can’t find the ongoing support from someone who has walked the walk and who is willing to guide you and keep you out of the expensive mistakes. And you certainly cannot find high-speed cloud servers and content delivery networks all together for one price that won’t eat you up. You would have to piece them all together and it would end up costing you hundreds per month.

Or you could go the cheap route, suffer slow servers, and end up moving your website and all of the videos and files and databases after you get just a few months into your project . . . right about the time when all of your customers are beginning to find you. I know. I’ve done that. Don’t make that mistake.

Of course, let me tell you what this is not.

I cannot build your website. I set up the databases and teach you what to do, but you need to gather your content and do the work to build your business. You need learn the material and take your business into your own hands. I will be there to encourage, to guide, and to teach. 

This program is not for everyone. This program is for those who are serious about building a profitable, growing, long-term website and internet presence. This program if for someone who would like a friend, a mentor, and a guide to encourage and point the way.

We don’t try to gain thousands of customers. Our customers become our friends, and we desire to see your success.

Working with Aaron and with UpstartMediaMarketing has been both very educational and very helpful. I had been toying with the idea of starting my own internet based company for years but didn’t really understand the requirements or process involved. UpstartMediaMarketing has been a great resource and tool that has helped me take those first steps in starting my own internet based company. Not only does UpstartMediaMarketing tell you want is needed to succeed but it also shows you how to implement each step or process and makes it simple to become successful. Aaron has been a great resource for me and he has constantly shown interest in my project and helping me succeed. UpstartMediaMarketing is a must for anyone when it comes to working online.

–Brian Coates, Chino Hills, CA


One last note. When we talked to the top internet marketing “gurus” (some whose names you would recognize if you’ve been on the internet very long), they insisted that we charge at least $1000 for this program. One suggested $2000. But that’s simply not the way we do business. They literally spent an hour trying to convince us to charge more. The said we were “stupid” and we were “leaving money on the table.” But just talk to any of those whose testimonials you read above. That’s not the way we do business.

These videos are online. You can watch the videos right now, nothing to ship or download. Within minutes you’ll be learning exactly what you need to know to build your first website and beginning to build a lasting income from your internet business. You can get started TODAY!


Just One Payment


Get Started Today



Important Notice: We will eventually limit the number of clients we work with. We can only work with a limited number of clients. As soon as we reach that limited number, registration for this program will close without notice.

Your initial setup charge will be $197.00 $97.00 today. This covers the setup of the hosting account and CDN account, creating your WordPress database and files. PLUS it covers the first month. You will then be charged $34.95 per month starting one month from today. This monthly charge covers the hosting, the training, and the ongoing teleseminars, webinars, and access to the exclusive members discussion. All training material is available online in the membership site. If you have trouble with this order, you can contact us through the link at the bottom of this page.

I Guarantee You won’t be Disappointed

satisfaction guarantee60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee

The UpstartLiftoff Program is backed by our 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this course, one email will get you a now questions asked, hassle-free refund right away.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Link below. UpstartMediaMarketing is the parent company of the UpstartLiftoff program and UpstartLiftoff.com

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