Most people have a love it or hate it attitude about PayPal. For me it’s both. I find it to be an indispensable tool or resource when I am trying to sell something on the web. For the most part it is easy to set up for one or two products, but it is really not ideal if  you are trying to manage more than just a few products. It is not a substitute for a good shopping cart if you multiple products in a few categories.

PayPal removes the necessity of setting up a Merchant Account or a Payment Processor (Payment Gateway), but you must understand that PayPal is NOT a bank and they are NOT a credit card. PayPal “owns” your money until you have transferred it to your bank account. They can freeze your account for any reason, and they have done it to many businesses.

However, “your” money is also immediately available to use when a transaction is complete. Immediately after receiving funds from a sale, you can turn around and use those funds via PayPal or a PayPal debit card. That’s kind of nice. But I don’t keep a large balance in my PayPal account.

This video will teach you a little more and then show you how to set up a button to put on your website.


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Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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