As your website and your online business grows, it is natural to require more features and services. UpstartMediaMarketing does continual wide-scale research and testing. We try to find the best product or service at the most competitive price. In doing this, we often find options ranging from free “open source” (products produced by communities of developers) to expensive but usually (but not always) feature-rich, reliable, stable and supported products. Our attempt is to identify the best product for the best price.

We will break up the list below into categories below. Each category may have three or four recommended products. We include a brief summary of the product and what conditions make the specific product the best choice. Your situation will determine your requirements. If you want to read more extended reviews, visit our “Product Review” category in the third section of our training menus.

Business Model

UpstartMediaMarketing will always try to identify the best product or service to meet your needs. Some individuals may be get by with free products. (We use many of these on our websites.) Other times it is much wiser to use a developed product. It often saves much time and produces better results. Therefore, we often recommend a “paid-for” product instead of the free version. Please note. We will never recommend a paid product over a free product unless our experience has shown it to solve a problem significantly better.

As part of our business model, we do all we can to provide the best technology available and provide it at the lowest price we can for our customers. Then we deliver comprehensive and increasing training library and provide ongoing resources for you to find answers to your questions so you can continue to make uninterrupted progress.

Affiliate PercentageAs part of our business model and revenue stream, we are affiliates with some of these companies. We will always show the % icon whenever we are an affiliate. This means that UpstartMediaMarketing will receive a commission when you purchase a different vendor product through a link that we provide. We will always clearly indicate our affiliate relationship. (We also recommend that you do the same on your website.)

If you need to purchase a product or service to increase your own business services, we ask you to please use the links we provide. This will not increase your cost, but it will help us keep our hosting and training costs low.


Affiliate Percentage GetResponse is our email list manager/email marketing provider of choice. Building an email list is vital to your success. GetResponse has all of the features that help us segment our lists, automate sign-ups, build newsletters, and all of the other things necessary. GetResponse is one of two email list management services that all of the big marketers rely on. You can sign-up for a free account. They will allow you to get started with up to 100 members for free. That’s very helpful so you don’t have to pay anything until you really have your website beginning to move!


Serif Products

Serif produces some of the very best options for very reasonable price. As a matter of fact, although I have the entire Adobe Suite of products, I find Serif Photo Plus and Serif Draw Plus indespensible.

Serif Photo Plus (Serif produces some of the very best options for very reasonable price. As a matter of fact, although I have the entire Adobe Suite of products, I find Serif Photo Plus and Serif Draw Plus indespensible.

Serif Draw Plus

Adobe Products

The Adobe products are very expensive. However, they are industry standard and the most powerful and complete set of image, photo, video, animation software on the market. Although I am using Serif Products more and more, I often fall back to Adobe. Often, you will find “master files” from some source on the internet. They will always be in and Adobe format. If you can afford these products, they are the recommended product. One note. If you are an educator, you can find these products for significantly discounted prices at Academic Superstore.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


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