How to Set up a Facebook Fan Page

You have probably watched our first video that explains why facebook is important. Social media will help you build a list of devoted fans and followers than just about any other method . . . if you set up your website and Facebook environment build a strong relationship.

People are looking for information. They want to find people who can be a credible source of information. That information may be for health or it may be for entertainment; the concept is still the same. They will constantly return if they have their needs met, whether the need is entertainment or fact.

Facebook has developed an ideal tool to build an ongoing conversation with all of your “fans.” When you create a Facebook fan page, you are creating a centralized location for your users to get updates, add their comments and input, and, if you allow it, they can actually add their own content such as photos and videos.

This video will show you how to set up a Fan Page.

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