Setup Your Billing and Utility Accounts

Please carefully read and follow all instructions below:

UpstartMediaMarketing will do the technical work to set up your website. When you are ready to begin work on your website, it is important that you complete the form below so that we can set up your website, your billing information, and your utility accounts.  Look forward to further emails from us to help you get started.

Thank you allowing UpstartMediaMarketing be a part of your internet success. In order to set up your website accounts, including your billing, please follow the instructions below and fill out the form at the bottom.

IMPORTANT: Utility Account Information. Please read carefully.

  1. When you decide on your username and password, please write it down! The username and password will be used to
    • track your invoices,
    • login to the video training, and
    • login to your own website.
  2. Before submitting this form, it is helpful for you to have already registered your domain.
  3. If you have not decided on a domain name yet, we can do this later. If you do not know how to register a domain yet, please watch the video “Domain Name Registration Terminology – How Do I Register a Domain” listed under Tools and Resources.
  4. Bookmark this web page and you can submit it later.


We look forward to working with you. You can be successful!

–Aaron and Eliana Mackley

Setup Utility Accounts

Please complete this form to send us the information to setup your utility accounts.
  • Basic Information

  • (This must have already been registered. If you have not registered your domain, you can register it at
  • Username and Password

  • The Utility Username must be unique to any other user, so it is best NOT to use something like first initial last name, like jdoe [for John Doe]. Something related to our domain name usually works. It is very important to use a strong password. This is probably your most serious security threat. A weak password may give hackers an easy way to get access to your website. Please use UPPER case, lower case, numbers, and extra characters in your password.
  • It would help us serve you better if you enter a detailed description of your plans and goals. If you are not yet certain or are still trying to "iron out the details," then just tell us what your ideas are, even if you don't yet know how to achieve your goals.

After  you complete this form, we will send you additional information about setting the DNS. However, you can use these settings, unless we tell you differently: