We are excited to see your interest in the Building Your Website and Internet Presence training. We promise you that this will be loaded with information. It will be a launching pad for your success on the internet.

Being successful on the internet is possible for any website, but it does take some discipline and commitment. The best websites are ones that provide quality information that people need. However, if you follow the principles of marketing, just like a snowball, it will begin slowly and then build. Literally within a few months or with the first year you could easily have a thriving population . . . if you follow important principles, build a solid foundation, and then consistently add quality content. Once it is going, it does not have to consume your time, but it will take some time to get it going, and you should commit yourself to that process.

There are two parts to our training series: the Teleseminars and the Webinars. All Telesiminars and all Webinars are recorded and stored on the UpstartLiftoff.com website. http://www.upstartmediamarketing.com/category/teleseminar/

The teleseminars are open to everyone. They explain the “what to do”. These calls are specifically packed with important information and details that I had to figure out over the years. We explain what technologies we have chosen to use and why. If you follow the information in these calls, it will likely save you hours of research work. The last few minutes of each call is reserved for a Q/A session.

The webinars require more expensive technology. These are open to UpstartLiftoff members. The webinars show “how to do”. We demonstrate the more difficult tasks that you will run up against when building a website. These webinars are designed to give UpstartLiftoff Members a Quick-start to building a thriving website. You can learn more about the UpstartLiftoff hosting / training / co-operative community here.

Topics covered in this Building Your Website and Internet Presence Teleseminars and Webinars.

This Teleseminar series will be held on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. MST; 9:00 p.m. EST.

  • Conference Call Line: 712-432-0075
  • Access Code: 999451#

This Teleseminar series will be held on Friday evenings at 7:00 p.m. MST; 9:00 p.m. EST.

UpstartLiftoff Members will receive call-in details via email

(January 6, 2011) Selecting your website (internet presence) topic from your skills, talents, and experiences.

  • We discuss the goals, how to stay on track, and what to expect: the 3 phases of building, launching, and maintaining a website.
  • We also discuss products and services: your physical products. your digital products. or other people’s products with your emphasis and support.
(January 13, 2011) Quick-start guide:

  • Discuss focus and purpose. How to keep a focus and how losing the purpose immediately drops sales, and why.
  • Discuss options to build the all-important customer relationship on your website.
  • Keyword research and SEO. Know your audience. Know what they are looking for.
  • Building a culture around your concept
(January 14, 2011) Quick-start guide:

  • Show login. Explain and demonstrate pages, posts, menus, widgets, and plugins.
  • Show Genesis templates. Show differences between templates, and differences of websites using the same template. How to choose the ideal template for your purpose.
  • How to set up a template and how to configure the template to meet your focus.
  • Show differerences between the Google keyword tool and other keyword tools.
(January 20, 2011) Email and List building

  • A list of people who are interested in your site is your most valuable marketing tool.
  • Relationship
  • Setting up an email list
  • What is RSS and creating interested readers
  • Web forms
  • Newsletters
(January 21, 2011) Email and List building

  • Walk through setting up a form, putting it on your website, and gathering email.
  • Show how to design a 7-day e-course which brings in interested people to your list.
  • Using a Web-form on your Facebook page. (Will show this in depth when we discuss social media.)
  • Show how to create an attractive newsletter
(January 27, 2011) E-Commerce

  • Using PayPal
  • What are merchant accounts and when do you need them . . . and what they charge.
  • 4 different shopping carts with advantages, disadvantages and pricing.
(January 28, 2011) E-Commerce

  • Set up a PayPal business account. Show each important field and what it means.
  • Add a Buy Now and a Subscribe button to web page and then take a transaction.
  • Walk through setting up shopping carts. Show how the different shopping carts are presented to the user in different ways.
  • Show how to deal with customer interaction.
  • Also show a Customer Resource Managment (CRM) program.
(February 3, 2011) My ToolChest

  • There are several tools, most of them free, which make working on the web much easier
(*Saturday, February 5, 2011) My ToolChest

  • Show the process to download and set up Notepad++, Kompozer, Filezilla,
  • Also discuss basic html and how to edit html. This is not advanced, but it will help you to get through some of the annoyances of working with html on the web.
(February 10, 2011) Images for the Web

  • I struggled for a long time to find legitimate, legal, and high quality images for free or for very low cost.
  • Quality images on your website makes a huge difference in customer perception, but downloading images from Google is not a legitimate source. Most images have copyright. But you can get good images for your website
(February 11, 2011) Images for the Web

  • Demonstrate cropping, sizing, and editing photos to load onto your website.
  • Show several tools, including PhotoPlus, Picassa, Gimp, and other free online tools.
  • Show stylistic functions such as creating buttons with bevels, transparent images, feathered edges, and incorporating clip-art or photos into a button or banner.
(February 17, 2011) Using Audio and Video

  • Maybe this should be treated earlier because it is so vital.
  • Using YouTube
  • What you need to shoot a video.
  • Different types of video: personal, powerpoint training, demos and examples, webinars
  • Teleseminars
(February 18, 2011) Using Audio and Video

  • Show how edit video.
  • Export and Convert different types of audio and video.
  • Load video to YouTube and set up youtube videos so that users will come back to your website for more information.
  • Show how to send a video to many different video hosting sites, each with links back to your own website.
(February 24, 2011) Social Media Connection

  • We are connected very tightly, and our connectedness is more critical than many of us imagine. Research is providing amazing insights.
  • Starting and using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In,
  • Also using Ezine articles, HubPages, Squiddo pages.
  • Why
(February 25, 2011) Social Media Connection

  • Show Facebook settings that will help you control the flow of users and make your social media a powerful asset to your business. It’s not just for kids.
  • Discuss “fan pages” and how to set up default pages.
  • Show how to automatically send your blog posts to your Facebook fan page, your Twitter account
  • Show how to set up accounts and to create incoming links to your web page from Ezine articles, HubPages, Squiddo pages and other high-traffic content areas.
(March 3, 2011) Launch and Promotion

  • When you have a new website or a new product, how do you get people to notice.
  • We discuss the basics of a launch sequence and how it makes a tremendous difference to your revenue.
  • We discuss affiliate relationships, when and how to work with them.
(March 4, 2011) Launch and Promotion

  • We will walk through the web pages, the social media pages, 7-day e-course, and other processes in preparation for a launch.
  • We will walk through the email campaign
(March 10, 2011) Membership sites and Continuity

  • Many websites lend themselves to a membership. We talk about several different membership models
  • Also, you may have content that can be delivered over time. We call that a micro-continuity.
  • These two models can be a strong revenue source for your expertise.
  • There are two different membership environments that I would recommend.
(March 11, 2011) Membership sites and Continuity

  • Walk through setting up the membership, setting up the billing, adding members to an automated email campaign, setting restrictions on content,
  • Show and create protected downloads.
  • Show different settings for automated affliates.