Some say our future and our economy are ready to tank. . . I don’t believe that. I believe great opportunities are waiting for anyone who sees our historical situation.

I believe you and I can each use our individual talent, skills, and experiences to determine our own financial future.

During our worst economic times, like the Great Depression, creative and persistent visionaries created small businesses that ultimately grew to become many of our national industries of today.

We are all interconnectedToday, any talent, skill, or experience you have can harness the internet to produce income and wealth. It simply requires an understand of how the internet operates and grows. It requires a little more than just “building a website.” But, the pattern for successful internet businesses work over and over.

I have seen this pattern work over and over, some in my own experience and some in other websites. It is only a mystery if you don’t see the pattern.

I have enjoyed working with the internet for more than ten years. I would like to share with you what I’ve learned, and it can help you.

If you have a website that “isn’t doing anything,” or if you have an idea but don’t know where to start, or if you want an idea to know where to start, or even if you have a local “brick and mortar” business or service and want reach many more customers, the same rules and patterns apply.

The internet is a powerful medium. Those who “get it” can turn it to their advantage. Those who don’t or won’t will lose one of the biggest “game changers” in our history.

If I had a little more time, or if I thought you would read more, I would talk about

  • Economic opportunities
  • The reach of e-commerce
  • The need for your talent, skills, and experience
  • The amazing power of social media “connectedness” in our day
  • How to eliminate internet technical barriers

But I won’t. I want to keep this short, even though my pen doesn’t want to stop.

Now, I will tell you right now that the internet is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes planning. It takes good content. And it takes some time to grow. Occassionally someone gets a  short-term scheme to work, and there are marketers who say “just do this little step and you’ll make thousands in two days. . . .” But that is not the norm and is not likely.

However, the internet does work under certain constant principles. If you understand the principles and harness the principles, you can develop an “internet presence” that grows, much like packing a small snowball and rolling it off a large hill.

I will not tell you that it is easy. It takes time and effort; you just have to do the right things to get the ball rolling and then continue to direct it down the hill. It works. And I want to show you how.

As I said earlier, for 10 years I have studied and built websites that have produced consistent revenue, some over $100,000 per year. Of course some floundered. But I know what made the successful ones work and what made the slow ones slow. Even the slow ones can be fixed.

Recently, I have had several individuals ask me for help to build their websites. But I have only been able to help a few, and it still falls back to them to make it grow. Without the knowledge of the correct patterns and actions, even quality websites stagnate. However, I can share with everyone what I know so they can prosper.

Do you want to know why?

  1. The more others (you) produce, the better off everyone, the “commonweath”, is. It never hurts me when you succeed. It only helps me by giving me increased choices.
  2. If I teach others, they can do for themselves what I wouldn’t be able to for the them, even if I wanted to.
  3. Of course, ultimately I will benefit if I can provide goods and services for them. And I do have services and extended training that I desire to offer that will help them even more.
  4. And finally, because I do like to see others succeed. And I know you can.

So, I have produced a 10-week teleseminar course that teaches all of the critical steps to building, launching, and maintaining a website that can be profitable for pretty much any topic. It is Free. All of it. Every week. Each week is packed with an hour of non-stop information that comes from 10 years of learning, stumbling, and overcoming. I will share this with anyone.

Yes. It will be recorded.
Yes. You will be able to have a copy of the recording
Yes. The recording is also free.

Topics covered in this Building Your Website and Internet Presence training

  1. Selecting your website (internet presence) topic from your skills, talents, and experiences.
    • We discuss the goals, how to stay on track, and what to expect: the 3 phases of building, launching, and maintaining a website.
    • We also discuss products and services: your physical products. your digital products. or other people’s products with your emphasis and support.
  2. Quick-start guide:
    • What do you need to have a “live” website. Why you don’t need to build everything to get started.
    • What are templates and why to use them
    • Critical SEO tasks that you should never ignore. About 95% of the websites that I check miss these vital steps.
  3. Email and List building
    • A list of people who are interested in your site is your most valuable marketing tool.
    • Relationship
    • Setting up an email list
    • What is RSS and creating interested readers
    • Web forms
    • Newsletters
  4. E-Commerce
    • Using PayPal
    • What are merchant accounts and when do you need them . . . and what they charge.
    • 4 different shopping carts with advantages, disadvantages and pricing.
  5. My ToolChest
    • There are several tools, most of them free, which make working on the web much easier
  6. Images for the Web
    • I struggled for a long time to find legitimate, legal, and high quality images for free or for very low cost.
    • Quality images on your website makes a huge difference in customer perception, but downloading images from Google is not a legitimate source. Most images have copyright. But you can get good images for your website
  7. Membership sites and Continuity
    • Many websites lend themselves to a membership. We talk about several different membership models
    • Also, you may have content that can be delivered over time. We call that a micro-continuity.
    • These two models can be a strong revenue source for your expertise.
  8. Using Audio and Video
    • Maybe this should be treated earlier because it is so vital.
    • Using YouTube
    • What you need to shoot a video.
    • Different types of video: personal, powerpoint training, demos and examples, webinars
    • Teleseminars
  9. Social Media Connection
    • We are connected very tightly, and our connectedness is more critical than many of us imagine. Research is providing amazing insights.
    • Starting and using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In,
    • Also using Ezine articles, HubPages, Squiddo pages.
    • Why
  10. Launch and Promotion
    • When you have a new website or a new product, how do you get people to notice.
    • We discuss the basics of a launch sequence and how it makes a tremendous difference to your bottom line.

Now is the time, in this new year, to take your talents, experiences, and skills and produce information and products that others in our society need and want. We need new ingenuity and products that are unique. We each search the internet daily for specific products and information that solve a personal problem. If you create a quality website with quality information, there will be thousands who will be searching for your exact information.

If you learn the right patterns and the right things to do, your website will rise to the top. It works like a snowball, and you can succeed.

To be part of these free information packed training teleseminars, just submit the webform now. We hope to help you make 2011 a great year, no matter what the pundits say.