UpstartMediaMarketing holds a Question & Answer Teleseminar every week and a Training Webinar at least once per month.

UpstartLiftoff members are welcome to ask any internet-related questions in the teleseminar. They can be technical or strategic. Aaron will answer every question, or if he does not have a good answer, he will find an answer after the teleseminar and provide an answer either in the videos, the forums, or both.

At least one time per month, The Training Webinar will “show and tell” one or more topics. This webinars show my computer desktop and will show every step of the answer.

All teleseminars and webinars will be recorded (unless we have unexpected technical difficulties).

The teleseminar telephone number and the webinar connection information, as well as the schedule and times are listed below.

All teleseminars are held on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. MST.

  • Teleseminar telephone number: (712) 432-0075
  • Participant PIN number: 927744
  • NOTE: Always check this schedule before calling. The PIN number may change regularly for security purposes.
  • The teleseminar should begin on time each week. If there are no callers with questions by ten minutes after the hour, the meeting will be closed. That is ok. It just means that no one has any serious concerns.
  • The teleseminars will be recorded, but they will be edited to include only content that is valuable for instruction.
  • The teleseminars should be available within 48 hours after the session.

All webinars are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. MST.

  • Connect to
  • The current password is TOSLiftoff
  • Note: Always check this schedule before connecting. The password will change without notification for security purposes.
  • The webinar will be held and recorded weather there are attendees or not. So, you are not required to attend. The recordings should be available within 48 hours after the session.

All teleseminars and webinars  will be included in the Teleseminar / Webinar Recordings category.

The topics for the Webinars will be scheduled at least one week in advance, maybe two weeks in advance. A new post will be created with the topic and the date (mm-dd-yyyy) in the title. A summary of the webinar will be included when the new post is created.

The topics for the Teleseminars will be written after the call because we don’t know the topic until the call. It will also include the date (mm-dd-yyyy) in the title.

So, as time goes on, you will be able to use the website search function to find webinar or teleseminars by topic or by date.


NOTICE: All teleseminars should be held on time. Howerver, although we expect cancellations to be rare, and we intend to notify everyone if a cancellation is necessary, sometimes it is not possible. Therefore, UpstartMediaMarketing reserves the right to cancel without notice at any time.