building customer relationshipBuilding a strong customer relationship is vital to your success on the internet. But it begins by opening “dialog” with your customer on your front page and every content page that you have on your website.

Each page, whether it is in the graphic and text on the front or the title of a specific content page, should open a dialog with your website visitor. Are you answering a question or solving a problem? Your website should first answer their question or solve your customer problem before you can ever begin to sell a product.
And how do we know what the customer or visitor wants? We must do continuous keyword research and then optimize each page that we write. We let the keywords dictate the text and context of an article, blog post, audio, video, or any other content that you add to your website.
In the audio below, we discuss
  • focus and purpose. How to keep a focus and how losing the purpose immediately drops sales, and why.
  • options to build the all-important customer relationship on your website.
  • keyword research and SEO. Know your audience. Know what they are looking for.
  • building a culture around your concept

If you are an UpstartLiftoff member, you will also have access to the webinar below the audio that shows you how to use your front page and each content page to create your unique focus. And then how to do keyword research that listens to the needs of your internet audience.

Listen to the audio of Teleseminar 2:

Quick Start-Internet Focus: Building a purpose and focus with SEO and Customer Relationship

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