3-Building a list of customers and fans through email marketing

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Reading email marketingYour relationship with  your email list = the marketing value of your list

In the first two teleseminars, we discussed creating a primary focus and building a relationship with your audience. Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build this relationship. In this teleseminar, we talk about why we use email marketing (to drive people to your web site) and how to build your email list (offer them something that they want). In this third teleseminar, we will get into the nuts and bolts of marketing using email, and will discover what works when using email to grow your home business.

Email Marketing Must Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

While the main use of email marketing is to drive traffic to your web site, there are other important reasons that emails can be used in promoting your home business. You should use them, and use them often, as part of your overall marketing strategy (you do have one, right? A written plan on how you’re going to let other people know about your online business?)

In this teleseminar, we will discuss

  • CAN SPAM laws. Email marketing is not spamming.
  • Customer relationships
  • Follow-up sequences
  • Gifts and incentives
  • Form placement
  • Promotionals and Launches

If you are an UpstartLiftoff member, you will also have access to the webinar below the audio that shows you how to use your front page and each content page to create your unique focus. And then how to do keyword research that listens to the needs of your internet audience.

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Building a List of Customers and Fans Using Email Marketing



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