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A Comparison of Shopping Cart Software

Making money on the internet is called e-commerce. There are several parts that are required. If we’ve been on the web for more than a day or two, we know we need a shopping cart. So, our first question is how do I get a shopping cart for my website. The problem is, that might be a little bit premature.
There are hundreds of different shopping carts on the internet. Many of the features are comparable, but each shopping cart has it’s unique limitations and twist. Some are easy to set up; some are quite complicated. Some are designed to work well to sell digital products; some let your digital products be sent to hundreds of people with no control (oops!).
In this Teleseminar and follow-up Webinar, we discuss several shopping carts that fill different levels of needs. Of course, each of the carts that I prefer to use (and I’ve used several) are included in the Resource in the Video, below.
But, before you get started with a shopping cart, there are several other “parts” that need to be in place first. You need a merchant account (maybe), and security (maybe).

What is a Merchant Account? and Do I need a Merchant Account?

On the simplest terms, a merchant account is the company that actually holds the customer’s money and then transfers it to your bank when their credit or debit card is charged. They work with another company which is called a payment processor. The payment processor is the company which actually verifies that the customer really is the owner of the credit card. Then, when that is verified, the payment processor actually processes the payment.
Maybe the easiest way to understand is to simply listen to the teleseminar and watch the webinar.

In this teleseminar, we will discuss

  • Merchant Accounts (We highly recommend PowerPay)
  • Payment Processors (we recommend Authorize.net)
  • Security (SSL, 128-bit encryption)
  • Using Credit Cards vs Paypal (There are reasons to use both.)
  • How to do digital downloads safely
  • How to do recurring payments
  • Membership site payments
  • And we discuss 4 separate shopping carts, each with a different emphasis.

If you are an UpstartLiftoff member, you will also have access to the webinar below the audio that shows you how to use your front page and each content page to create your unique focus. And then how to do keyword research that listens to the needs of your internet audience.

Listen to the audio of Teleseminar 3:

How to setup e-commerce shopping carts and other e-commerce information

Click to Play Teleseminar: [audio:http://c684650.r50.cf2.rackcdn.com/e-commerce-29-Jan_17-50.mp3]

Resources in this Video


Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery




Watch this Video Below

[flowplayer src=’http://c684663.r63.cf2.rackcdn.com/e-commerce.20110130_0011-1.mp4′ width=800 height=600]

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While the main use of email marketing is to drive traffic to your web site, there are other important reasons that emails can be used in promoting your home business. You should use them, and use them often, as part of your overall marketing strategy (you do have one, right? A written plan on how you’re going to let other people know about your online business?)

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