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If you’re going to be actively involved with working on the internet, you need to get some basic tools, some basic software programs, that will help you manipulate files, images, text, etc. One of the biggest frustrating things that I find is that I come upon a problem and I’m trying to work it out using a tool or program that just doesn’t get the job done, and I end up wasting a lot of time. I find that when I have some basic programs that I need, I can get my work done much faster.

Tonight I will cover a lot of software tools and utilities that are free. Some are not free, and I’ll tell you which ones I use and why I use them. Most of them are, but don’t let yourself get bogged down doing something in an hour if a simple $29.00 software program will solve the problem in minutes. It just isn’t worth the time and headache.

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Tools You Need to Work on the Internet

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Resources in this Video

Basic software tools mentioned in this teleseminar or webinar

  • Basic Text Editor: Notepad++  (Free); Ultra Edit
  • HTML Editor: Kompozer (Free); Coffee Cup (free and paid versions)
  • FTP Client: Filezilla
  • Image Editors: Gimp (Free Downloadable); Aviary (Great set of image editing tools online); Adobe Photoshop (Hands down, the best. But it is expensive.); Serif PhotoPlus X4 (A very powerful image editor for reasonable price.)
  • Creative Commons Images: Use Google or Yahoo advanced searches for “Creater Allows Re-Use”
  • Royalty Free Images: iStockPhoto is my favorite; Do a Google search for “royalty-free” images
  • Video Editors: Adobe Premiere Pro; Serif Movie Plus X5 (This is also a very powerful video-movie editor for reasonable price.); Animoto is an online program to make real nice videos. They have a free and paid version.
  • Different Browsers: Firefox, Chrome
  • Recording Desktop: Camtasia (This is an expensive tool, but if you are training software, you realy need Camtasia; CamStudio is the free version. It does not have nearly the same capabilities, but it will record your desktop.
  • OpenOffice office suite

Other websites that you might want to learn more about.



MoviePlus X5

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While the main use of email marketing is to drive traffic to your web site, there are other important reasons that emails can be used in promoting your home business. You should use them, and use them often, as part of your overall marketing strategy (you do have one, right? A written plan on how you’re going to let other people know about your online business?)

On the simplest terms, a merchant account is the company that actually holds the customer’s money and then transfers it to your bank when their credit or debit card is charged. They work with another company which is called a payment processor. The payment processor is the company which actually verifies that the customer really is the owner of the credit card. Then, when that is verified, the payment processor actually processes the payment.

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