Learning about Video File Formats and Video Formats is a little bit complicated. But in this video we will try to simplify it a little bit.

First of all, if you know about video file formats, then we’ll start by saying that at the time this video recording, probably the best video file format is an MP4 with an H.264 codec with a bitrate of between 600 to 1248. If MP4 is not available, FLV with an H.264 codec is a good second choice. If you don’t know what that means, then you need to watch this video. If you do know what this means, then maybe you can skip this video.

I’ve also been asked by many people what a good free video editing software. The problem with that question is that there are so many different editing programs, that it is almost impossible to answer. Although there are a few open source programs, they tend to be a little bit complicated to learn and use. Those that are not open source pretty much all require you to update and buy a codec or advanced features.
You have two major battles when you are trying to create movies:
  1. the ability to edit, cut, transition, etc. This is especially important if you want to do more than make a simple slide show. It will show the difference between the absolute novice and a beginning editor.
  2. the ability to export in a quality format with minimal file size. Getting the movie to play on a server without pauses and blips is vital to creating a good impression.
So although there are various free software sources, I quit trying to fight the battle of getting a good movie made and I purchased quality software. If you can afford it, I still prefer Adobe Premiere Pro. However, it’s a bit pricey. For most of the rest of us, I highly recommend Serif Movie Plus. It is a wonderful piece of software at a very affordable price, and they include good training and support. You can find links to the software in the resources below.
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Resources in this Video

Serif Movie Plus

Serif is our number one choice for a Video Editor. It is easy to use, has good instructional material, and the price is very reasonable.

image: Serif - Software with Imagination


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