A-Z Web Video Training Course will teach you basic steps and in depth internet marketing

Get past the “what do I do next?” hurdles of building your personal or small business website

The primary purpose of UpstartMediaMarketing is to help you, and individual or small business, build a new website and “internet presence”. First, we are unique in that we actually do the technical and difficult work to install and build the framework of your new website. But we also know that “what to do next” stops most people from making progress. 

Learn WordPress and Internet Marketing with Training VideosThat is why we give you ongoing customer care. And that is also why we spent nearly a full year creating the UpstartLiftoff Web Video Training Course—over 100 videos to teach you step-by-step how to actually add to your website so that it helps your business grow!

Every customer of UpstartMediaMarketing has access to all of the existing and all upcoming videos in the UpstartLiftoff Web Video Training Course. 

Building a web site without a clear marketing plan is like building a ship without a rudder. A well-designed marketing plan captivates  your visitors with quality information and turns them into repeat customers. We will teach you about landing pages, sales pages, content pages, blog pages, and social media and how to put them together. We will teach you about SEO, finding and using graphics, how to do e-commerce and membership sites. 

But most importantly, we will teach you how to create and internet marketing plan…a plan that puts together email marketing, social marketing, and using your website to turn visitors into customers. 

There really are patterns that work . . . that cause any website to grow in natural search results and ultimately create a productive, profitable, or influential website. This video explains the core principles. Watch this video. Although this video is about 30 minutes, it shows you the core, important principles of how every part of your website, blog, social media can all work together.

[flowplayer src=’http://c2887.r87.cf2.rackcdn.com/UMMMarketingWithLaunch.mp4′ width=480 height=360]

We intend for this training to break down the barriers for individuals just getting started on the internet, those who want to develop an internet home-based business, to get started the “right way.” We teach you how to build a strong content and keyword-rich foundation.

We provide constant answers for internet questions

  • We reduce or eliminate the hurdles and help you get  started
  • We research the best tools, both free and paid
  • We are there to answer your questions when you get “stumped”
  • We have constant QA sessions to answer your questions and help you find solutions
  • We are always an encouraging voice
  • We want you to succeed!

UpstartLiftoff Web Video Training Course Includes:

  • Getting Started Training Foundation
      • Starter 10 Website Planning (10 lessons)
      • 2nd 10-Website Framework (10+ lessons)
      • Final Starter Lessons: Design to launch (10+ lessons)
  • Advanced Training Series (3-10 lessons each)
    • Advanced Design Configuration (Instruction to help you customize your templates to create “your” personal website.)
    • Email Marketing and List Building (List segmentation, using automated responses and upgrades, integrating with social media, growing your newsletter list of contacts)
    • SEO Optimization and Link Building (Probably the most important topic, optimizing your website and building hundreds or thousands of legitimate incoming links to your website. )
    • Video Shooting and Editing (Learning how to shoot video, use quality sound, include royalty-free music, and edit a video effect.)
    • Photo Editing (Working with photos, cropping, colorizing, blending for banners or use in blogs and articles. Also, acquiring free or royalty-free images.)
    • Graphic Creation (Using inexpensive but powerful graphic-creating and editing tools for creating banners, buttons, and other images on your website.)
    • E-Commerce (Tools, techniques, shopping carts, merchant accounts, and revenue collections.)
    • Language of the Web (HTML, CSS, scripting, registering domains, and configuring basic internet services. These are not advanced classes; they help you understand how to make basic edits and not be confused by the technical things of the web.)
    • Creating Launch Sequences (Building a series of videos, emails, and other social media events to launch a new product or website)
    • Tools and Techniques (This is a list and description of many free and some inexpensive tools that make your life easier on the web.)
    • Structure and Analytics (Setting up and reading website analytics. Using CRM-customer support desks. Using forums, mail forms, etc.)
    • Membership Sites (Planning, designing, setting up and running a profitable membership site.)
    • Social Media Integration and Promotion (Using social media, video, and many other highly effective internet resources to bring visitors to your website.) 

Includes BONUS  10-Week Building Your Website and Internet Presence Quick-Start Webinar Series!