We help you build your website for free

Each website is built upon one of our professionally designed and versatile WordPress themes. Whether you are building a new website design or redesigning your current site, you have simplicity and functionality. You have complete control to customize  your header, logo, colors, and fonts.

Why? We know the biggest obstacle for small businesses and individuals is just getting the website built, especially on a shoestring budget. So, we believe that if we actually do the hard work for you—for NO CHARGE—and make sure it is beautiful and functional, then you will be loyal to us for a long time. You win! We win! Don’t wait. We work with a limited number of clients on a first-come/first-served basis. 

Your website is under your control. You can edit your own site without waiting for a developer!

Use the simplicity and power of WordPress! 

Easy-to-Use WordPress Website Editor

Easy to use WordPress Editor

It is easy to edit and add content to your site yourself…right from within your browser. The editor is easy–just about like working with a word document.

36 Themes to Start From

36 professionally designed wordpress templates available

We’ll guide you through choosing from our huge showcase of awesome themes to see how your site can look. We can even customize colors, images and logos

100+ Training Videos Help You DIY

Learn WordPress and Internet Marketing with Training Videos

Where do you go to learn what to do next? Our exclusive internet training video series will teach you every step of the process. This growing library of instructional videos is available with every account. 

Get Online Quickly with Our Help

Get  your website up quickly with help

You want to get your site up quickly. So, we first get rid of the technical stuff for you, and then we can help you actually build your website…or we give you complete flexibility to do it yourself. 



Affordable WordPress Powered Website Packages

See all of the important features that we include for you!

Social BusinessPro

One-time setup cost



Learn WordPress and Internet Marketing with Training VideosUpstartLiftoff 100+ video training course and seminar UpstartMediaMarketing Exlusive Feature

Website Security First Aid10-point “Security First-Aid™” Website Security and Encryption Protection  UpstartMediaMarketing Exlusive Feature yes

Graphic LibraryUMM 1000-image Graphic Library  UpstartMediaMarketing Exlusive Feature

Start with a professional template yes
5-page starter package yes
Search Engine Friendly yes
Easy to use WordPress website editor yes
Domain Registration yes
Contact Form yes
Basic on-page search engine optimization yes
Two-hour “Design and Purpose” Consultation(s) UpstartMediaMarketing Exlusive Feature yes
Advanced Photo Gallery yes
FAQ System yes
Testimonial System yes
Email Accounts yes
Video Integration yes
Social Media Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Youtube) yes
Google Analytics yes
Custom Website Header yes
Custom building, design layout, consult and help you get your front page, menus, categories, and primary message yes
Custom colors and fonts on your template yes
Social media syncing (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) yes
Facebook page creation yes
Matching Facebook page customization yes
Twitter page creation yes
Matching Twitter page customization yes
Youtube channel creation yes
Matching Youtube channel customization yes
Email Marketing Setup yes
Additional Add-ons (Note. The UpstartLiftoff Video Training Course, which is included with all packages, will show you how to do each of these. However, if you would like these done quickly and completely by our professional staff, you can add these features individually.)    
Keyword Research: 10 Primary keyword groups for your niche
Setup additional WordPress website on you hosting account.

How do these website packages work?

It’s simple. We build and help you build a fully-functional website, including social media. We help you learn WordPress.  We quickly take care of all of the technical issues, including a Security First-Aid™ secure installation, and let you get a running start.

We help you build your logo and images and add it to one of our great templates. You have total control over your WordPress website.

Also, remember that all packages include our exclusive UMM Internet Training Video Library and the 1000+ Image Library.

We will help you customize the header, backgrounds, colors and fonts of whichever template you choose. We will add more functions such as testimonials, FAQs, and an advanced photo gallery. Plus, we  include consultation while we build your website for  you and after you are up and running. 

Don’t have a domain name? We’ll buy one for you and even setup your email accounts and web hosting. 

With your participation, we’ll take the content you supply us, teach and demonstrate what to do, and help you build your website for you in 10 to 14 days.

If you want a fully integrated Social Business, we will take your website design and create matching templates and environment for Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIN. (This may occur after the 10 to 14 days.)

UpstartMediaMarketing is all about helping you get your ideas and your business off the ground quickly. We help you with the technical stuff, and we will be a guiding hand whenever you need us.

We’ll be honest. Why do we do this all for/with you?

We have found that many individuals and small businesses don’t know the first thing about getting started, and they generally can’t afford huge startup costs. So, although we only work with a few individuals or companies at a time, we promise to work with and for you to get you started. 

What do we want? We want you to host with us and to be profitable for years. That’s it. We believe if we help you, you will be loyal to us for many years. And that will help us be successful. How else will build your website and offer you hours of free service? 


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 Monthly Website Maintenance

Options for hosting a website


Standard Website Support & Security First-Aid™

Every website that we host receives the complete Security First-Aid™ care. We will be there to help if you have trouble–whether you made an “oops” or something more serious occurs. You will also have access to our 24-hour online video training course. And we will be available via email to answer you questions and give you advice. 


Basic 5-Page plus First-Aid™

Some individuals or small businesses need just a simple, basic information website. So, we help you build just a simple 5-page* website that is a “calling card” for your business. Because you don’t intend to be adding information, your page just needs a secure place to rest. And, of course, you still have access to us to ask internet-related questions. 

*The 5-page website starts with a professional template front page, a contact page, an “about” page, one product or article page, and a FAQ page or one other information page. 



What is Monthly Website Maintenance?

In order for your website to be on the web, it requires hosting on a server. The server then hosts your files and serves them to visitors who come to your website.

If you would like us to do monthly maintenance, then our Silver or Gold packages may be best for you. One of our experts will do it for you.

Any questions?

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