Welcome to the UpstartLiftoff program. We believe we have and are making UpstartLiftoff a comprehensive program to not just teach you how to build a website, but how to build an “Internet Presence” a system that integrates social media, email marketing, you website, and maybe even your offline business.

This program will continue to grow through our Teleseminars and Webinars as well as our ongoing videos that we will add regularly.

UpstartMediaMarketing is devoted to helping you build a successful internet presence.

Before continuing, we recommend that you watch the [intlink id=”1337″ type=”page”]Features & Navigation[/intlink] video and the [intlink id=”1414″ type=”page”]What are Call Alerts? [/intlink]video

There are three Sections of training videos on the right.

  1. The Top Section includes 3 Starter Video Series. Each group includes a series of at least 10 videos. These will walk you step-by-step through the process of organization, then website setup and design, and the third includes social media and the steps to “launch”. When you click on the title of any of the videos in one of the
  2. The Second Section organizes videos by category. We have organized the video by topic, so clicking any topic will list any video (including those from the starter series) which apply to the topic. There may be few or many videos. These videos are not sequential, as the starter series are.
  3. The Third Section is mostly technical videos. They relate to setting up accounts, servers, email, as well as advanced topics relating to website design.

More about the Starter Series

There are ten starter sessons called “Starter 10: Website Planning“. These cover principles that help you focus the content of your website, do necessary content research, and then put it all together in the first article. These lessons are the foundation of everything in your website. Do not skip or rush these lesson.

There are ten more lessons called called “2nd 10: Website Framework“. These lessons help you build upon the foundation and create the framework of a solid internet “presence”. You are not just building a website, you are building a mini-network of content that includes social media that brings visitors from around the internet into your website.

The final lessons are called “Final Starter Lesson: Design to Launch:.” These lessons create the design, colors, and personality of your website to make it uniquely yours. Then we prepare to “launch” the website in a way that bring a rush of new visitors.

Getting Help

In the menus above, click the “Support” link. Join the forum discussions. And use and contribute in UpstartMediaMarketing’s exclusive Call Alerts.

We look forward to working with you as you develop an amazing and influential website.