Learn how to create a winning website

This is the first video in our Winning Website Essentials video mini-course.

I’m glad to see you here. I have worked with many clients and have built many websites for myself over the years. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting your plan of ideas together first. This organization process actually modifies, streamlines, enhances, and focuses what you really want your website to be about.  This process actually shapes what we call your “image” or your persona that you truly want to present on the internet and in social media environments.

This step will actually save you a lot of time in the end, because when it is time to begin building your website, it is simply a matter of plugging in the information and changing your design. I hope this slide show will help you.

The next video in our Winning Website Essentials video mini-course will be our WordPress Framework and Overview.

One final note. This is presented as a slide show. You can actually click the slides and progress rapidly through the information if you desire, but we encourage you to watch it all at least once so that you understand the principles.

If you have questions or comments, please include them below. We will watch and reply to answer your questions.

–Aaron Mackley