Website Security FirstAid

One of the most significant goals of UpstartMediaMarketing (UMM)  is to keep your website secure and running smoothly. Most people who build their own website use default settings. Although WordPress is quite secure, hackers know the vulnerabilities.

Security First-Aid™ is our package that installs WordPress securely and then gives you ongoing protection on you website. All websites hosted with UpstartMediaMarketing receive the Security First-Aid™ protection.

Included Security and Care

  • 10-point “Security First-Aid™” Website Security and Encryption Protection. Before you even get started, we have carefully installed your website with 10 security techniques. Most DIY WordPress users are unfamiliar with database columns, .htaccess, encryptions strings, and other security measures. So, they leave their websites open to hackers. UMM sets up your website with important security measures to protect you.
  • 72-hour snapshot backup. Because we lease space using RackSpace Cloud Servers, all websites have an automatic and continuous 72-hour snapshot. This means that at any time there is a serious problem, we can contact RackSpace and restore your entire website back to any previous state (one per hour) in the past 72 hours.
  • Weekly Backup. Every website includes a weekly backup procedure. The latest 3 backups are always available. 
  • UpstartMediaMarketing Emergency Recovery Protection. If you have any emergency on you website, our staff will help you restore your website ASAP–FREE. One of the worst fears about website owners is if something goes REALLY wrong, how do you fix it? I’ve been there before. It is very nice to have someone available who won’t “tell” you what to do. With your permission, we’ll FIX IT. You won’t find that service anywhere. 
  • Cloud Servers. We use RackSpace Cloud Servers. The advantage of a “cloud server” is that they are fast and they expand. So, if your traffic grows higher and higher, your website account automatically grows with you. It won’t slow down like on shared servers. Your account comes with 5 gigabytes of data storage and 50 gigabytes of bandwidth per month. That’s a LOT of space and bandwidth. If you happen to go over your allotment for three months, we will contact you to update your account. But additional storage or bandwidth is very inexpensive. 
  • UpstartLiftoff Training Video Library. Every person who hosts their website with us receives access to our Exclusive Internet Training Video Library. We have spent months creating training videos on everything from brainstorming website ideas on how to make money on the internet to getting started on the web to social media instruction to highly technical WordPress issues. And we add more. 
  • Email Support. Even if you choose not to include a more extensive support package (and most don’t, so don’t worry), we pay attention to our email and will help you with just about anything you need. We promise to respond within 24 hours on business days, but we also pay attention on the weekends as well. 
  • Custom Care. Sometimes, when you have a little problem, we just fix the problem for you. We don’t guarantee that all the time, but our goal is to help you keep your website running smoothly and let you build your business or personal blog without interruptions.