WordPress is a powerful and simple tool that makes building a website fast, easy, and remarkably flexible.

Learn how to create a winning website

This is the second video in our Winning Website Essentials video mini-course.

I have used HTML, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and many other website editing tools. When I was first introduced to it, I actually ignored it because it was a “bloggers” website.

But later, I began to use it seriously and found it to be remarkably powerful, versatile, and very easy to use. You can log in and begin creating content in just minutes.

This video will show you the simple things like logging in and adding new pages and posts. Then it will show  you the great flexibility to “shape” your website, both in function and beauty. In just 20 minutes, I take an empty website and transform it into the beginnings of a beautiful cultural center.

Note. Of course I watched the first video in our Winning Website Essentials video mini-course. I organized and gathered my photos before I started. And, I knew what plugins and themes I wanted to use. But, it is clear that WordPress can help you launch an effective website in just a few minutes.

The UpstartLiftoff training will offer much more advanced training on every topic covered in this video and much more.

[flowplayer src=’http://pseudo01.hddn.com/vod/umm.upstartvod/UMM-Launch/WordPress-Structure.mp4′ width=640 height=480]

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