If your watched our video on [intlink id=”1766″ type=”post”]how to set up a Youtube channel[/intlink], you probably have your youtube channel going. But now you need to use Youtube playlists to help you generate more “hits” or more Youtube traffic.
Youtube allows you to create “tags” which act as keywords in youtube. Plus they allow you to create only a few URL links that link off of Youtube to other areas of the internet. You do that in the description of the video.
However, playlists also allow you to create tags as well as URL links to your website. And, because you can include your own videos within the playlists, it gives the potential of having your videos “found” by the search engines twice as often.
One more benefit is that you can use high-ranking videos to help yours eventually. This video show you how to set up a Youtube playlist to generate more traffic to your own channel, and ultimately to your website.


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